Putin nominates Andrei Troshev, a high-ranking mercenary, to lead the Wagner Group

President of Russia , Russian President Vladimir Putinsuggest that Andrei Trosheva high-ranking mercenary, like new Leader of the Wagner Group To replace Yevgeny Prigozhin, who at the end of June led an attempted rebellion by the paramilitary organization.

During an interview with the Russian newspaper “Kommersant”, Putin confirmed that he is considering a series of Options for the future of paramilitary groupsShe goes so far as to suggest continuing her activities but now under Troshev’s leadership.

Troshev – better known by the pseudonym “Sedoy” – is a retired Russian colonel and member Founder and CEO of the Wagner Group. This mercenary was previously on sanctions lists of the European Union, the United Kingdom or Ukraine, among other countries.

EU documents show that Troshev served as chief of staff for the Wagner Group in its group Previous operations in Syria. The United Kingdom also refers to him as the leader of the organization, which “oppresses the population in Syria,” CNN collects.

There is no agreement between Wagner and Russia

Likewise, the Russian president confirmed that the Wagner Group currently “does not exist” according to Russian legislation, although he has tasked the government with determining The legal status of the organization.

Prigozhin led an attempted insurrection in Russia at the end of June that was finally put down through the mediation of the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, who also offered to welcome the leader of the Wagner Group to the country.

The agreement reached also implied the withdrawal of members of the Wagner Group – who had come to march on Moscow – with a view to their possible integration into the army and the withdrawal of charges from those involved in the rebellion.

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Prigozhin, who was said to have already resided in Belarus but days later was in Saint Petersburg, has not been seen since. The Kremlin confirmed a meeting between the Wagner leader and Putin a few days after the revolution.

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