Putin breaks German unity against invasion

The SPD parliamentary group in the Bundestag has called on Foreign Minister Annalena Barbuk to do more to promote a negotiated end to the war in Ukraine. “In the end, it all comes down to the balance between Ukraine’s right to self-defense and diplomacy,” said its president, Rolf Mutzenich. The regional president of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer, also defended that “Europe must press more forcefully for peace talks.” The CDU is proposing a joint diplomatic effort by the European Union, the United States, China, India and Japan that aligns with what Putin wants more than Zelensky’s. Both base their positions on opinion polls, which show that more than 60% of Germans want Europe to agree with Putin. Kretschmer also expressed doubts about the effect of sanctions: “It is always better than the use of weapons, but we must be clear about the impact on the German economy: the tsunami is growing.” Thus, it joins the demonstrations that have been repeated in German cities since the summer, especially in the east, which came to a gathering of more than 10 thousand people in Berlin, in protest of European sanctions against Russia. Jesse Wilmer, a journalist for the ARD public television channel, took an interest in the reasons for this very state of opinion, which does not exist in other European countries, and last night she showed her first documentary film “Russia, Putin and Us, the East”. Germans. Wilmer was born in 1979 in Göstrow, a town of about 28,000 inhabitants in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, which until reunification was part of the German Democratic Republic, communist Germany. Since the beginning of the invasion, on visits to his parents, he has repeatedly emphasized the difference in outlook between his generation, which sees Putin mostly as an aggressor, and the previous generation, which also condemns the war but seeks and finds justifications. And try to find an explanation with more than fifty interviews. One of the most telling is that of Gregor Gyzy, who in the 1960s defended Gorbachev’s perestroika before the leading body of the Communist Rada and is today, at the age of seventy-four, one of the main leaders of the Left Party: «If I had kept it. An anti-NATO and fundamentally anti-Western stance, it’s about not giving up on your history, and you don’t want to be wrong. So you’re looking for explanations about the bad and wrong things the West did that got Putin into war. Related news No Marshall Plan standard for Ukraine: Zelensky set the target at 750,000 million euros Rosalia Sanchez Disagreements between the EU and the US, which require more character and do not want Brussels to coordinate all the aid.Support from the eastern part too little can escape its character Curriculum Vitae. Older East Germans grew up with the image of NATO as the greater enemy and with the fact that the Germans were responsible for the 27 million Soviet deaths in World War II. “Several generations grew up this close to Russia,” says Silk Satjoku, professor of history at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, from compulsory language learning to books, films, music, and travel… It’s true that only a few people developed a true fervor for the Soviet Union. On the contrary, most were relieved when the “Russians”, who were soldiers from 15 Soviet republics, finally withdrew in 1994. The fact that the older East Germans in particular tend to defend Russia today. – the period of unification, when things took a sudden turn for the worse in the East, where mass unemployment, emigration and deindustrialization prevailed.” The writer Marco Martin, born in Saxony, said it succinctly: “Out of a sense of inferiority and nodule, many East Germans discovered the Russians as secret allies At that time, the new enemy was the arrogant and ignorant Wessie, and Putin became the best screen projector to express the West’s disapproval. Putin’s long tentacles grow their propaganda in this fertile land in eastern Germany, which includes the capital, Berlin. Russia’s top diplomat seeks to drown out the cries of “Russian friends”. “What did we Russian friends with the Germans do to be treated this way? We gave the lives of millions of our young men to save you from Hitler, during the Cold War, and despite the tensions, we are still a reliable supplier of energy to Germany, our cheap gas helped your economic acceleration and opened us up The doors to your companies More than 6000 active in Russia What have you harmed your interests Now throw yourself into the arms of those who corrupt you Make no mistake: France and England will never allow a rich and powerful Germany This question was asked this very week by a high-ranking representative of Moscow in informal conversation with a group of seasoned journalists who could hardly answer and find it difficult to escape the prejudice to which Merkel herself, who also grew up in the GDR, showed a certain inclination. Wilmer concludes that “for many, the fall of a wall was Berlin is the greatest joy in the world, but many have completely lost their bearings and this uncertainty should not be underestimated or dismissed, “even if you do not agree with them, you need to listen to them and take them into account.”

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