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Planet Awards Weeks, Frankfurt and Princess of Asturias. October has always been an eventful month, as is April, from which this book supplement takes its inspiration.

The three events get pages in newspapers, minutes on radio and television, and traffic on networks, each with different content and ramifications. Also with different characteristics, but affect the publishing market in a similar way. Many awards are highly criticized because of Marketing exaggerationWhich departs from the essence of literature and thought. However, for every ten copies sold of Last Planet, for example, other works of honorable quality may be published, but few to the masses. This is a balance that must be taken seriously.

It happens with the Planeta Awards, and also with the undoubted promotion of writers arriving from the Frankfurt Fair over the next few days, as well as the remnants of the announcement of the Princess of Asturias award for playwright Juan Mayorga, such as when the content creator takes the stage at Campoamor Theater in Oviedo next week.

It is true that there are differences. The Planeta Award becomes a perfectly tailored, increasingly imperfect advertising and commercial operation, striving to obtain Recognition of a novel called for sale, to be read as well, and more recently, it will be ported to some great audiovisual platforms. What began to be called in the sector and among literary agents package. On the other hand, the Princess of Asturias is a tribute to the work he seeks to appreciate and encourage his reading. Or in the case of Mayorga to be represented, according to the jury for her “critical depth and intellectual commitment.” All for the benefit of the publishing sector.

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