publishing phenomenon | The Sorrow of the Infinite “Scroll”: How the Internet Is Destroying Us From Within

Roisin Kiberd Born in Dublin in the same year and month that we know the internet: In March 1989When named Eng Tim Berners-Lee He presented his superiors at CERN with a proposal for a new “information management” system. since then, The Internet and social networks have changed the economy, the planet and human behaviour to unexpected limits.

Also lives Kiberd who is in Separation (alpha decay) tells his own Descend to hell In the form of anxiety attacks, an eating disorder, and an addiction to the network that led her to attempt suicide. “I was drugged. I was glued to a screen And behind that screen, I felt trapped inside a body that didn’t seem too far from exhaustion.

Like everyone born after the second half of the 1980s, Kirbin grew up parallel to the Internet: he spent his childhood playing with a giant computer with a square white screen, He was 12 years old when he got his first Nokia 8210 (which he got, of course) and survived his teen years between Flickr and MySpace. By the time she opened her first LiveJournal blog, she had already taken off Courting anorexia.

His college years coincided with Facebook landing in Cambridge And her entry into the world of work as a journalist specializing in online subcultures happened around the time (not too long ago) that she was tweeting and working to exhaustion, without schedules, in order to build “Personal Brand & rdquor; It was the goal of an entire generation. He also worked for Community manager Of the cheese brand, a Cheddar supermarket Very popular in the deep pro-Brexit community.

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“It took me a while to realize that the internet has eaten my life.”confesses in the book. “I sometimes think I’ve spent a large part of my life networking that actually I learned online. I forgot where the limits are, where technology ends and where I begin. Am I trans?” wonders at Separationa fine collection of autobiographical essays, the thousandth example of a literary trend on the rise of recent times of markedly feminine character: Expose the dark side of the Internet.

A “free mark” for the good of humanity

Kerpen’s memoir coincides with the publication of another essential book to understand An epidemic of anxiety and sadness Created by social networks. It is written before Frances Hogana senior Facebook executive who in 2021 decided to leak 22,000 confidential documents to the Wall Street Journal showing what everyone now knows: that Meta products (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp) Harmful to children and adolescentsIt feeds sectarianism and harms democracy.

Deusto has just been launched Facebook factAnd It warns of the danger that an app with such a brutal impact on the lives of billions of people (2.960 million users according to the latest figures) does not share its algorithms when its power is already greater than that of many countries.

In the book, Haugen predicted that Zuckerberg will end up in jail If you do not move away from the facebook address and ask for a move ‘Free Mark’ in ‘Free Britney’ style: confirms that Zuckerberg, a millionaire since he was 19 years old, lives isolated from the real world, Fortified by an environment that manipulates it To further improve benefits without taking into account the mental health crisis of half of the planet’s adolescents, general attention deficit and high political polarization.

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George Orwell failed

expression “surveillance capitalism”today fully integrated into conversation, celebrates a decade: coined by the philosopher Shoshana Zuboffa professor at Harvard University and a theoretician of the new age of capitalism in which we had to live, where it was no longer the Earth’s resources being exploited, but our most private information. The era of surveillance capitalism Paidós is a classic book that tells in 900 pages how technology companies have evolved A new, invisible architecture that has changed human behavior and aspects of our entire world (friendships, love, work, health, everything).

Zuboff warns that democracy will die if we are governed by algorithms. Despite everything, she is a moderate optimist: she believes we still have time to stop Amazon, Google and Meta and avoid a company Led by four paranoid millionaires from Silicon Valley, thanks, among others, to the European Union.

Silicon Valley tolls

Other books reflect it better Silicon Valley Brotherhood Culture is the novel strange valley (Asteroid Books) Authored Anna Weiner A data analyst at a “startup” until she quit, tired of the anxiety caused by the toxic work environment and childhood, endless work hours, and poor manners that were required of her in her job. Weiner was 25 when he arrived in San Francisco in 2013, a decade marked by an obsession common to all apps growing up at the time: addiction.

in strange valley He describes very vividly the sexism of his company, led by, like almost everyone else Immature young millionaire. From the bar open on fridays to las vegas seminars, the ball pits, “whiskey wednesdays” and gymkhanas with strippersWeiner breaks down in detail the prevalent objection and misogyny of Silicon Valley, where everyone hopes to get rich with the promise of success.

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Literature and emoji

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Can you write like you write on the Internet? it by saying: Jumping from link to link, with gifs, emojis, memes, and alerts Who interrupt conversation and reading, move from absolute moments and Destructive intimacy To others from the collective and viral laughter… yes you can and one of the best examples Little has been said about this (alpha decay) By Patricia LockwoodA novel that reflects the intensity, sensitivity and humor of all the weirdness, Emotional dissonance and numbness that generates life on the Internet.

A finalist for the prestigious Booker Film in 2021, the protagonist is a famous tweeter (in the novel, Twitter is the Portal) known for her sharp wit who travels the world giving talks, much like Lockwood herself, who one day receives Two letters from his mother: “something wrong” and “when can come?”. The story of his niece, who was born with Proteus syndrome, is also explained. book about How the real world and the network world collide.

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