Public Night 3 | Why will there be less fighting?

the general evening Organized by Ibai Llanos is one of the most anticipated events for Twitch users. After the success of the second edition, where the record of concurrent viewers was reached in an event on the platform flowwith the golden minute recording 3,356,464 connected devices, the streamer Will take on the challenge of exceeding expectations on July 1 in the third edition of the public evening 3.

The event that never stops growing: more audience, influencers More running and the main course, some boxing matches with more participants, now has an impromptu idea: ViruZz vs. Shelao is cancelled.

ViruZz vs. ViruZz has been cancelled. Shilaw

Victor Melida Shilau will not fight due to an eye injury which he suffered in his first professional fight a few weeks earlier. The KO victory raised expectations ahead of his fight in “La velada”, one of the most anticipated events of the event. The moment he was explaining what had happened, he burst into tears as he explained the moment he realized what had just happened to him: “When they hit me and I was dumbfounded.”

He also confirmed it There was a moment when I saw nothing, Which I fear the most. “It’s an eye injury that can happen to you during a fight and in training, and it was his bad luck that he showed up now, so he won the fight,” his trainer explained.

after going to the emergency room, Doctors recommended surgery After performing a tomography. “I have a diploma. I see a weakness, so to speak, and they told me they had to do the surgery right away,” confirmed the “broadcast tape,” who was noticeably affected by what was happening to him. I went back to Spain for a second opinion, And I went back to Spain by train to avoid a plane spill.”

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What will happen to the fight?

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This wouldn’t be the first time that a participant in “La velada” has withdrawn from the event. It actually happened with actor Jaime Llorente last year. Therefore, Ibai Llanos looked for a replacement, in this case David Bustamante, in order for the fight to continue. However, this time, the fight won’t happen, as Melida’s opponent, Shelos, just wants to fight him. Despite this, Ibai does not rule out the second option.

but, ViruZz confirms that he will fight against Shelao When he recovers, whether in the evening of 4 or in private, but he does not want to miss such a match.

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