PSV-Sevilla 1 Europa League: PSV-Sevilla: Let the magic of PSV not be broken

Andhe Seville Refer to the Eindhoven, the city of magical memories of the nerves, to fight their own existence in the second round. Not the favorite in the competition, it is not the other seasons strong team but Defense 3-0 than go before Eindhoven in the championship of his idol. If he didn’t come out to attack, he could suffer. Despite the score, it was noted in the first leg that there was no significant difference between the blocks and Seville Suffer even hit at the right moments with goals from in NusayriAnd Gudeli And ocampus.

a team Ruud van Nistelrooy Last Sunday tied at eredivisie at home before Utrechtwith the objectives of Bakayoko And Daejong. The Netherlands national team has problems with away matches – it hasn’t won any of its last four away matches – however You need a miracle, The coach’s own words, to come back from the tie at home, where he showed his strength. However, the PSV has been removed in his latest book Eight double-legged ties In the main European competitions when he lost the first leg. Ibrahim Sinjar He was down in the last game. Midfielder A flu And they entered yesterday, but there is doubt at first.

he Seville Comes with the first title memory of the century very present. The Sevilla team must defend its European honour Eindhoven And the 3-0 score achieved in the first leg will be enough income to be in the last 16 of Al Dhajeej tomorrow. almost Thousand Svlista They will be in the stands Phillips Stadium. Sampaoli recovering to Joan JordanAnd punish in VallecasAnd Rakitic, also down on the last day of the league due to a flu operation. But she has three down Important. On the one hand, already known Bab Jay. Midfielder is not registered in Europe. On the other hand, the Nemanja Gudelj punishes And Eric Lamela.

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