Protect your clothes from the rain with this drying rack with built in canopy for sale at Leroy Merlin

with arrival cold and damp It is impossible to dry clothes on a clothesline at home from rain. The solution is always to hang the clothes on the radiators in the house or put all the clothes directly on the foldable clothesline in the bathroom.

The gesture which, plus it seems like a great idea because in less than a day we all have our clothes dry, seems completely harmless to us.

However, Leroy Merlin Option to be able to dry clothes outside In addition, it does not absorb due to rain or bad weather. It is a clothesline with extendable bars for the wall. It has 8 drying rods and a width of 100 cm.

The Leroy Merlin dehumidifier that’s sweeping sales this winter

To combat moisture in the house, prevent walls from damage, and most importantly treat the health problems involved, Leroy Merlin It has a product that sweeps sales for its quality and price. It is located around a dehumidifier Portable we can place it in any room in the house and get rid of the happy humidity. The 200W dehumidifier is ideal for adjusting the humidity level in rooms of 20 square metres, avoiding unpleasant odors and mold or condensation problems in the home. Maximum dehumidification capacity of 12 liters every 24 hours (30°C / 80%RH).

It has a 2.4-liter tank, with an automatic shutdown system when full and a warning light indicating its level. The filter can be washed. It features a carrying handle and wheels that make it easy to move it around your house without problems. It has a timer and a delay start function of up to 24 hours.. In addition, it has a hygrostat adjustable from 40% to 70% and you can choose between two fan speeds. Measurements: 30.4 x 47 x 19.4 cm (H x W x D) “You can buy this device at 121 euros, which is one of the cheapest on the market.

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