Prohibited Foods: These are the foods you should never give your cat

to Although there are many owners They love to be rewarded and pampered Pets with foodIt is common knowledge that there are things that animals should avoid at all costs. some foods listed below It can make you sick Our pet.

There are some foods They are just not used to it But they can’t handle it proper form. To this we must add liver propertieswhich is less effective when it comes to getting rid of some toxins.

These are the foods you should never give your cat

1- Chocolate

It includes theobromine;very Similar to caffeine Which can be very dangerous for her dog.

2. Garlic and onions

Large amounts of garlic powder Or it can cause onions Anemia and digestive problems in our pets.

3. Avocado

This type of fruit contains a substance called persin It can harm the heart my lungs dogs and cats.

4. Uncooked dried beans

Dried beans are a very nutritious and delicious snack Our birdsBut what many people don’t know is that they need Be soaked and cooked first.

5. Potatoes

nor fried potatoes, no bagNor in any way. Potatoes contain oxalates, some of them Acids that alter the digestive system and urinary tract of animals.

6. Raw fish

Nothing to give Cats hunt without cooking. In large quantities it can cause Thiamine deficiencywhich translates to loss of appetite and seizures for our pet.

7. Beer

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Alcohol in general is very toxic our Pets. Something obvious since there smaller body Their metabolism does not process alcohol the same way that people do.

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8. Grapes and raisins

I forgot that Celebrate New Year’s Eve with your pets. Grapes contain a toxin that can cause dogs and cats Severe damage to the liver and kidneys.

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