Program Changes | This is the daily amount that Pasapalabra will have to pay if he decides to continue issuing donuts despite the demand

Pasapalabra is one of the most followed competitions on Spanish television. In fact, the format never stops accumulating viewership records for its time slot, even though it is quite possibly the most watched program on television today, even rivaling major sporting or political events.

One of the keys to the competition’s success is its guests. Obviously, the number of celebrities passing through the orange and yellow tables is a great attraction for onlookers. But above all, the eternal duels between Orestes s ruffTwo guys are about to hit the millionaire jackpot.

Orestes, the 25-year-old from Burgos with a degree in Philology (though currently a philosophy student) is a prodigy in his field. The contestant gave us very tense moments, in which his bravery and humility were portrayed. In fact, many viewers describe him as a “very nice guy”.

On the other side ruff, 32-year-old Seville journalist, lover of reading and music. Far more wins than his strategic rival, Rafa has managed to rack up more wins than the man from Burgos since he landed his second in Pasapalabra, making him the rider with the highest chances of hitting the jackpot.

Barcelona court ordered antenna 3 stop broadcastingdonuts‘, the star auditioning for her TV competition ‘Pasapalabra’, realizing that she is not the owner of the intellectual property rights to that space.

In a non-final ruling, Section XV of the Barcelona Court upheld the appeal filed by the Dutch company MC&F Broadcasting Production and Distribution CV, which claimed to be the owner of the rights to the final test of the competition, overturning the commercial judge’s ruling allowing Antena 3 to continue broadcasting “Al Rosco”.

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The decision is the result of a lawsuit brought by MC&F Broadcasting Production and Distribution CV in a commercial court against ATRESMEDIA and ITV, in which it demanded that the intellectual property in the “El Rosco” format be recognized, banned from broadcasting and will be compensated for damages.

The lawsuit is part of a years-long litigation in the courts over the popular TV quiz’s intellectual property rights, which already in 2019 led the Supreme Court to force Telecinco to cancel the program.

Well, it has been learned that the program must pay €50,000 for each donut issued without court approval, at least until the ruling and the Supreme Court rules are appealed. A real fortune that Antena 3 seems to assume.

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