Profiles, requirements and how to register

to the field Plan to incorporate more than 1,700 specialists to its employees to cover vacancies during the summer campaign in replacement, sales, traditional counter and cashier positions.

Through the autonomous communities, there will be 400 new companies in Madrid, more than 280 in Andalusia and 150 each in the communities of Catalonia, Galicia and Aragon. In return, 100 workers will be hired in Castile-Leon and the Basque Country, 70 in Asturias, 60 in Castilla-La Mancha, 40 in the Balearic and Canary Islands, 30 in La Rioja and 12 in Murcia and Navarra, according to a company statement.

This is how the company wants to boost its staff for the summer season in all of Spain. The supermarket line will advertise these vacancies According to the needs of each center» in the “work with us” section of their website.

For now, in this section 281 job offers are already appearing More than 47 pages. Offers are grouped by occupation and workplace. For example, for the position of delivery man in Sant Quirze del Vallès, there are 5 vacancies, while for the offer of butcher and fishmonger professionals in Madrid, the number of positions is 15.

Profile and job requirements

Although most of the positions are temporary as a summer season promotion, by clicking through some of the offers it appears the contracts are indefinite. On the other hand, the registration deadline for most shows is the end of May.

As for the requirements, they depend on the position to be filled. As a common requirement for all of them is to obtain training in food handling, preservation or transportation. In addition, the positions to be filled require some previous experience, which can be as long as one year.

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Going forward, some professionals are required to have an ESO degree, training in certain tools they will work with or managing office tools at a basic level and mastering the cash register and statements, in the case of cash and replacement officers.

In the offers, Alcampo does not specify how much the employees will earn in the future, although various comparison and job search portals put the supermarket chain’s salaries between 10,000 and 24,000 euros in total, approximately annually.

How to register for Alcampo job offers

Signing up for Alcampo shows is very simple. You just have to access a file Section “Work with us” from its webpage and it will show a list of all the placements shown so far. Potential candidates can also filter by job, day, location and contract type.

Once you have selected an offer, you must press the “Request” button and then “Register”. The candidate will only have to Fill out a form and a questionnaire. You will also have to upload your CV to the platform and, finally, confirm your registration.

539 stores and 23,000 workers

After the acquisition of the DIA Group Store, Alcampo operates a total of 539 establishments: 459 supermarkets and 80 small supermarkets and hypermarkets. It also includes 53 fuel stations and employs 23,000 workers.

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