Private investment for the common good marks a milestone in space exploration

The four ‘two-meter twin telescopes’ (TTT) robotic telescopes are part of a cutting-edge scientific and technological project launched at the Teide Observatory of the Instituto Astrophysica de Canaria, with private funding, to study dangerous asteroids that coincide with the Geminids, the last big star party in 2022. Under the guidance of the consulting firm KPMG, bridges were built between science and business by designing and structuring financing according to RIC (Reserve Investors in the Canary Islands) for 15 million euros, in addition to being present in the coming years accompanying investors. It is a landmark, as the Canary Islands have established themselves, along with Hawaii and Chile, as one of the most important centers of space observation in the world. «This action (says Carlos Solans, Corporate Finance Partner at KPMG in Spain) brings together leading technology assets and, for the first time, the RIC incentive, which made it possible to raise money from Canarian investors to finance the installation of telescopes (the most advanced in the world) and their use goes beyond investment. The usual tourism in the Canary Islands ». “The project, of a special nature, is in line with the Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy 2021-2027, and provides bi-directional links between science and business in the Islands of Canaries, leading to the diversification of the local economy in a project that does not require public spending. For years, Dr. Miquel Serra Ricart, an astrophysicist at IAC, served as Principal Investigator in the selection of astrophysical science targets ». Ricart and IAC, belonging to the Ministry of Science, the Government of the Canary Islands, the University of Laguna and CSIC, with the highest international consideration Related News Record NASA’s Webb and Hubble telescopes do not capture an asteroid impact at the same time Judith de Jorge make simultaneous observations of the same target for the first time In the case of Light Bridges, the company admits which promotes TTT “in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance of the Government of the Canary Islands, the State Agency for Tax Administration, the General Technical Secretariats of the Ministries of Science and Finance, and the Consortium of the Canary Islands Special Region, among other departments.” joint (in which entities such as Cajasiete have also collaborated) to comply with the provisions of the Canary Islands economic and tax system, which has obtained an adequacy decree from the local government and a binding report issued by the Canary Islands State Administration for Taxation Agency. A complex and pioneering journey, in its own way, Solance recalls the first steps of the commitment in which investors have to spend at least five years: “There was doubt about this type of asset, but the reception was such that, at the end of the year, we received applications that would end up The matter is forwarded to the new project.” Four years of work took shape on December 5, when the facility was launched: two of the telescopes are already in operation and the other two will be operational in 2023. More information Note No since the end of the dinosaurs to a thousand Infected in Russia: Asteroids that have already impacted Earth Future discoveries not only justify the return on investment, but, Solans points out, “by transferring DTOs—the rights to use to third parties—as there are dozens of field research in astrophysics. And that will give us the opportunity to continue to invest in projects such as, in the case of 2023, the La Palma project in Roc los Muchachos. and other types of alternative projects, based on our 20 years of experience structuring this type of work.” As explained by Light Bridges, “The TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope) is probably the most important terrestrial astrophysics project in history. And a unique opportunity for the reconstruction of no Palma, because of its “adverse effect” on the economic system.

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