With more votes than necessary, it was obtained thanks to the enthusiasm aroused by the procession of the three kings in the voting band and with the approval of the European Commission, which has not modified the plan since the time of Charlemagne to any government that is not. Hungary, the state budgets for the next year were approved yesterday. His treatment was very special. And throughout, have you talked about the reforms needed to boost flagging growth? little or nothing. Have the most effective measures to lift the suspension been discussed? little or nothing. Have measures been proposed to reduce the cost of living? little or nothing. Have the proposals been discussed so that the money from the European funds scurrying through the endless drawers of the Sanchez administration will flow to its recipients? little or nothing. then? At that time a lot was said about the Civil Guard of Navarre. – Cancellation of the crime of sedition by those convicted of the crime of sedition. for Basque surfing and baseball teams and prolonging the Basque quota that sidesteps trivial issues such as contributions to the growing social security deficit. To be fair, the necessary and urgent support for the circus in the Basque Country was discussed. And no no don’t get me wrong I never said the budget process was a circus I just mention that in the long list of concessions Bildew got for his vote there was support for the circus in the Basques and I say this because we’re talking about the state budget so I I am convinced that this news will cause a sensation in Jerez de los Caballeros and a great joy in the Madrigal de las Altas Torres. The International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the Bank of Spain, the Airef, the Spanish banks, and the European Commission itself, in the nuances that accompanied their approval, spoke of the weaknesses of the Spanish economy on important matters such as insufficient growth, hindrance to employment, Excessive public deficits, rampant inflation, weak tax revenue accounts due to lower-than-expected growth, growing fiscal imbalances in the pension system and the many discrepancies posed by the new tax figures. yes? All this, who cares? If you talk to me about priorities, I’ll go back to the circus in Basque. You have been warned.

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