Primavera Voice | Rosalía recreates Barcelona in its most avant-garde version

Four years ago now, Rosalía was surprised Primavera Voice With a simple scene presentation (especially at the beginning) and with a very visual representation of the artist’s extreme voice: on the left, cheerleaders and cheerleaders; on the right, Jincho Dealing with electronic rhythm.

The ‘Motomami’ tour returns to its simplicity, but there are no musicians of any kind on stage anymore, in part because Reproducing a live thing that’s just a chemistry studio would be silly And partly because we’re in 2023, when no one cares about relying on outdated ideas of musical originality anymore. The important thing is to follow your instincts, especially the more adventurous ones. And upon her return to that festival that, according to what she said on Saturday night, she’d been daydreaming about getting on stage for a long time, Rosalía showed us once again that she’s on the right track.

WORKING WITH ALL MESSAGES: This show, as checked again at dawn Saturday through Sunday, is a complete narrative exercise, The story of self-affirmation is divided into a few stanzas and songs, each with its own surprises. There is an appearance of Rosalia and her dancers Cyborg helmets Before encountering a “Saoko” storm. he Possesses a tapping heel which ends with “Bulerías”. the Add the piano For “Hentai” and the vocal opener for “Candy,” his flirtation with subdued R&B is exquisitely pleasing. the human bicycle which Rosalia clings to in “Motomami”. Or his La combi Versace shoes Face down on the floor, and turn to one side.

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Carefully designed designers join hands for unexpected moments. For example, Rosalía loves to mingle with the crowd and try to get some fans to help her in “La noche de anoche”, which along with bad bunny. He said with all tenderness: Some of them did not stay up last night; On the other hand, the girl pointed to a charismatic star. Among the unexpected episodes, there were also, unfortunately, some problems with the sound. Rosalía made a speech about the artist’s life, which sounded honest and interesting, but it’s hard to hear anything from her from different quarters.. And also in some musical moments the sound was missing. It’s like Calvin Harris He had nearly exhausted his dual stage batteries with his unrepentant skin.

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Nor can it be heard, despite what the rumors say, that new song (in principle “Yours” or “2ya”) that Rosalía presented on TikTok just a few days ago. You don’t see the hair Ro Alejandro (performing Saturday in Guadalajara, Mexico) for two excerpts from “epé “RR” added to the repertoire that was most likely to be expected. Before the “soft” reggae of “Beso,” Rosalía dedicated some loving gestures to her fiancé on camera. “Vampires” sounded like pure night fury and was one of the best choreographic moments from performance. If Rosalía were to stop dropping by at any future concerts, it would be a disappointment.

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