Primavera Sound Madrid gathers 90,000 spectators for the Friday and Saturday sessions

Finally, it all went well. And this is despite what some would have expected due to the number of elements that played against him, among other things the fact that his headquarters are located 40 kilometers from the center of Madrid. The first edition of Primavera Sound Madrid It ended up recording numbers that its organizers describe as “satisfactory”. 90,000 people I managed to collect the original Barcelona festival in Rock City of Arganda del Rey Since their landing was in the capital, at the rate of 42 thousand spectators on Friday and 48 thousand spectators who were expected next Saturday based on the tickets placed, they also commented in the press conference to evaluate the festival.

Rumors had been circulating in sector circles for weeks that there had been a hole and many free tickets to reach the set expectations, which were those of Reaching around 50,000 viewers per daythe amount that is supposed to allow access despite the fact that they can enter the giant enclosure 85,000 people. However, those responsible for the Madrid event, who did not want to provide the number of invitations, denied the existence of practices that deviate from the norm in the Barcelona version.

What they have realized is the growing trend of day tickets prevailing over season tickets covering the entire festival. He commented, “If before that the usual thing was that 90% were subscriptions and 10% were day tickets, now, whether in Barcelona or in this Madrid edition, the percentages are on the way down.” Joanne Pons, contact manager. Rising prices, both for tickets and for flights and accommodation, will be behind this change in trend.

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The most outstanding aspect was the challenge of getting around, due to the problems that arose on Friday, due to traffic jams in the entrances that even delayed the start of the concert. Intercept mode 45 minutes. Almudena heirThe director of the festival attributed these problems to the parking lot of the wall, about half of which has been closed due to the rains witnessed in the past days. It was also commented that many people showed up with their cars without reserving a place, as the festival had declared it mandatory. “Our bet has always been on mass transit, with shuttle buses from Metropolitan Civitas And the service agreed with taxis, “Heridero insisted.

he Bad weather forced the cancellation of Thursday It was the element that defined the first Madrid edition of the festival. Those of us who live in Madrid know it’s something It’s not unheard of, there’s a lot of rain in a row for daysWe even have a meteorologist working on our team,” Herridero commented. “They presented the numbers: between May 23 and 31 it fell 50 liters per square meter, and so far in June 30 liters per square meter. In Ciudad del Rock, with a covered earthen floor With artificial turf, they are not ideal for constantly carrying a lot of water.

All these difficulties will be studied and reviewed by the festival organization for the possibility of holding the same event here again next year, something they did not confirm at any time. A change of format could also be considered in Madrid. In what There is no doubt that Primavera Sound will continue to produce the Madrid version.

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As for the attendees, from the organization they’re talking about 38% foreign audience. compared to barcelona, Madrid has a stronger Latin American audience. The reason: that Madrid is a direct and more convenient destination, while to get to Barcelona they have to stop. They also note, at both festivals, a sharp drop in British audience ratings, which they attribute to “Brexit” and a general rise in prices. For them, it is no longer a cheap vacation destination as it used to be.

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Since the festival they have appreciated his musical role very positively, with glamorous stars like Intercept mode But also with artists who have never performed in Madrid, such as rappers Kendrick Lamar, “which would be impossible to see in any context other than a festival like Primavera Sound”. In total, and despite Thursday’s cancellation, there were a total of 222 concerts between those held at venues in the city, in the Civitas Metropolitano and in Rock City. One of the policies that the festival left its mark on, parity, did not stop showing it. And Joan Bones confirmed that “39% of the artists in this version are women, 50% are men, and the rest are mixed groups or artists who do not belong to a particular gender.”

Saturday Primavera Sound Madrid continues today in Arganda with performances by artists such as Rosaliamost awaited, Caroline PolachekAnd Calvin Harris also Vincent Street. The festival concludes on Sunday with the celebration of its daytime online session Lunch in the park In the Civitas Metropolitano stadium.

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