Primavera Sound Madrid concludes its days in Arganda to show the female dominance of current pop music

Everyone knew it wouldn’t be easy. Organizing a festival attended by 50,000 spectators a day some 40 kilometers from Madrid, in the middle of nowhere, a wasteland between highways closer to the dystopia than the happiness associated with a musical event of this kind, was quite a challenge.

Friday started reasonably well, with a container apparently in good shape after what had been seen the previous days and transport set up by the organization that worked properly. But the thing is, after the music, it’s been stumbling all day. Traffic jams at the entrances Had to postpone the ceremony Intercept mode 45 minutes for fans to see. The artificial turf that was covered in mud started forming huge puddles in the early evening on the small stages because it couldn’t absorb as much water. Then the drama of returning for a few hundred people: Those who chose to return on the “official” once the festival ended at 6:00 a.m. had to wait up to two hours to get on the bus, with the sun already high in the sky. Nothing new in Madrid event, the city that has always been dedicated to organizing the organization of festivals, if we remember what happened with Mad Cool and taxis last year, but not many would have expected from a festival that claims to be one of the best in the world and already has franchises in a few major cities on the planet, from Angels to Buenos Aires.

The attendance figures announced by the organization on Saturday afternoon were good after all. Thursday canceled due to possible storms on spectators rock city from Arganda Reached 90,000: 42,000 on Friday added to the expected 48,000 on Saturday Because of the tickets placed. Posted, not sold: The organization did not want to count the number of these tickets handed out in order to generate a sense of fullness, and had heard rumors suggesting ten thousand. We persisted, rumours, such as the one which stated that in the companies sponsoring the festival there was a barrage of extra invitations in the days before the festival began.

What was clear, beyond the commercial side, was that the Primavera is a well-oiled musical instrument, that the programming was taking place in Arganda without excessive problems, producing great concerts and unforgettable moments. Saturday was to be the important day of the festivalmainly by one of their proper names: Rosalia. The Catalan is our global star, but she also dominates at home. This was evident in the huge crowd that attended his concert last Saturday in Barcelona as part of the Festival of Mirrors with the Madrid Festival, and he did it again this time in the capital. At two o’clock in the morning, when he started his show, There was nowhere to put a pin on the big avenue that leads to the two main stages of the festival. A diverse crowd that ranged from dynamic, gender-fluid youngsters to KPMG consultants to die-hard fans of Diaz Ayuso.

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His posting on stage was, how could it be, imperial. The show began with the roar of a motorcycle and ended with industrial sounds, but in the middle there was a huge concert for humanity. The scenery and the costumes were strictly black and white, simple except for the projections, and the Catalan woman was surrounded by her usual dancers and that camera that follows her relentlessly and shows us her every gesture in detail. He wasn’t at home, like at the concert in Barcelona, ​​but he knows it Madrid also occupied territoryAnd so he welcomed his fans, reminding them how hard it was to endure a year and a half like him, but in Madrid, he came to say, everything is easier.

It’s been said a thousand times, but it must be repeated: What this woman has achieved is amazing. Blending the popular with the experimental with this mastery, giving it a completely original personality, embroidering both the realm of creativity and interpretation, with its performance side of the included … And all if he fell into the absurd dichotomy of many artists. because Rosalía is close, friendly, and affectionate even with her audience. He adores him and she reciprocates. The show opened with Sawako continue with cake: gasoline so that the audience gets into the cloth from the first moment. It wasn’t easy to dance with so many people watching her, but she found a way to rock her voice famethe song he made weekend , which he alluded to again when he sang to him blind lights. She sang and danced flamenco, giving the mic to the audience in the front rows and dampening her hair in one of those thoughtful actions that she manages to portray as spontaneous. When she sat down at the piano to sing, she was alone on stage singing hentai. No one remembered the absurdity of words anymore, because the only thing that mattered was Rosalia’s feeling. Then they dance with reggaeton Combi Versace And he will fall too in a bad mannerto support a Make the list impeccable and to which the public surrendered with open arms.

girl power

This Saturday was a notable day for women in Primavera Sound, a reflection of an industry in which more and more women dominate, at least as far as the artistic field is concerned. It was also a day when old glories were not among the headlines, as they had been the day before Intercept modeAnd Magnet for a whole generation of tall viewers.

The afternoon started with the most enjoyable experience it embodied Domi and J.D. Beck, a very young French and Mexican duo that relives and reinvents the electronic jazz of the 70s with piano and drums, respectively. With aesthetic like Licorice pizzaLike grandchildren Herbie Hancock They wished they could have it, and on stage they had a blast, as if they were still playing instrumentals but Reinventing the genre that was all the rage 50 years ago.

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Always on small theatres, it was the role of women from Cadiz Goodline, a kind of Rosalía ran through Caños de Meca, something more hippie than Catalan, more dreamy in its lyrics. “We will end up with old people with a house in Ezzahra,” he says in the song that bears the title of that city on the coast of Cadiz. Throughout the afternoon, the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe Little Theater acquired a certain protest character: Steve Albini, By order of his legendary shellac, What can we call it house band Del Primavera, Chicago’s proven junket collectors acted on almost rhythm guitars solidAnd West Indian villaina veritable beast of urban sound that made a stellar young audience dance tirelessly, did the same with women and the LGTBIQ+ community, to end Displays take off shirt Viniciusthe Real Madrid player who denounced racist insults on the field a few weeks ago.

In the big theater district, one of the most interesting dishes started very early. Arlo Gardens He has a great voice and goes through different genres with the nature of someone who goes from the first course to the second. Lately he’s been claiming ’90s power guitars, showing up one day in a Sebadoh T-shirt and another with one of his Anger against the machineAs was the case on Saturday. His repertoire is with jewels Pop bedroomwith the approach r’n’b And the disco music and moments of guitars are as strong as those of his fans Nirvana Primavera culminated with Jamil quietly That the audience chanted, waving their hands.

Reinventing pop music

With the onset of the afternoon, the turn of the heavy workers approached. Prolific women of character who, in addition to producing songs that are hymns or pieces of art, define an era where you have to hold your head high so that one (one) person can tell, because we are so steeped in music. Annie Clarkknown as Vincent Street, one of the best examples. The master of the musical instrument, the guitar, who dominates the current pop scene like few figures, and an experimenter who knows how to ally himself with the masters who were also revolutionary in their time (and still are), such as David Byrne Clark hasn’t released an album in two years. But how important is that when you have a A songbook as powerful as yours And when their concerts also have a theatrical element that makes them grown up and wraps their art games around pop, rock, jazz, electronics or whatever sound gets in the way of magic. Listen to how he sings New Yorkone of his classics, always exciting, and even more so with those almost naive illustrations of skyscrapers that he uses as landscapes.

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St. Vincent’s isn’t over yet, and the Darwinism of festivals, which forces us to make agonizing choices or run from place to place snacking on the various dishes on the menu, has begun elsewhere. Killila. Washington DC artist pure musical and aesthetic elegance, and comfortably navigates between the lands of soul and electronica. In Madrid he made his goal clear: “This is a ball with live dancers, so I want to see you dance.” She was all alone in the middle of a simple stage, with all the music pre-recorded and no instruments in sight, so these dancers were clearly the audience. He was achieving his goal based on the songs he dominated drums rhythm, Turn-of-the-century rhythm that’s back in fashion, but with communicationthe stellar song from his latest album, had many of them already dancing as if they were being put on a platform.

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But if there was an artist expected after Rosalía tonight, this was it. Caroline Polachekwhich has kind of become the last couple of years High Priestess of Musical Contemporary. with one foot in the current And another in the alternative field, Polacheck does exactly what it wants. You can be contacted hyperpop author or simply postmodern pastiche, because in their songs can sound both rumba and flamenco echoes (as in sunset, which he dedicated to Spain) to howls that could come from the most ancient songs, but always without losing sight of what we might call “talking”. She has fans and detractors, however Undeniable is the quality of the show in which his overwhelming presence is and the amazing technique that allows him to reach otherwise unreachable vocal ranges. Despite constantly running and dancing from side to side in the stage. He told the audience that after his concert in Barcelona last week, he lost time, but miraculously regained it on Friday. It was the same voice, after finishing with Fine too hotI let him shout to the audience: “Everyone ready for Rosalíaaaa!”.

in Calvin Harris The responsibility for starting the nightclub fell to the Catalan performer. It was the perfect opening act: the one who would gather the crowd in front of the grand stage and prepare them so that Rosalía would later blow their heads and shrink the hearts of everyone in front of her. There are still things to enjoy, such as the legendary session of DJ Coco who closed all the sounds of the Primavera many years ago by playing songs sung by someone at the festival mixed with classics. But the important work has already been done. All that remains now is to see what happens to Primavera Sound Madrid next year. remains in the capital, in Arganda is not very visible.

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