Primark items that work this Halloween

Primark is an Irish clothing and accessories chain belonging to the Associated British Foods group. The Irish clothing and accessories chain – although it already includes a home section – can be considered par excellence. More and more people, when they need a piece of clothing or an accessory, turn to Primark, since its catalog is really wide, diverse and great value for money.

In addition, the series is notable for releasing multiple new collections and, more recently, with the animators as heroes to awaken the grief of its customers. The company once again surprises its audience with new collections that suddenly bring us back to our youth. Although he usually picks Disney characters, he’s done so with characters from Cartoon Network Studios, Nintendo, and others.

Not only clothes cause a sensation among buyers. Accessories starting at €2 are a very affordable option if what you want is variety with a little money and you don’t care about quality. Take advantage of the popularity of the month of HalloweenPrimark has brought both concepts together to launch items on the market at super-low prices to give the home a different feel during the month of October.

The brand decided to bet on the release of articles in warm tones Which encourages you to stay at home and make any room in the house a very comfortable place. Of course, without losing the “terrifying” touch. So, they fired Various pumpkin-shaped products: candles 2.50 and 5 euros; And white trim for storing things in the range of 7 euros. As for fashion?s, Primark opted for simplicity, all at three euros: a headband with bat wings; Black lace eye mask. And hair clips shaped like spiders and skeletal hands. Fake nails and earrings were also placed on the shelves of these establishments.

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A floral and hospitable touch to the home

Primark wanted to give importance to flowers in the new fall season, and she did so with great hospitality. a place flower crown At the entrance to the house (12 euros) has become a trend in networks.

If you have a house with a direct door to the outside, take the opportunity to decorate it with autumn elements so that it becomes a cozy place from the entrance.

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