Prices, routes and start dates for the new high-speed train

More competitors for Renfe. After Madrid and Barcelona entered Ouigo in May 2021, it is now Iryo who has started operations on the Spanish high-speed network. Specifically, the new operator will start its commercial services on November 25, also in Madrid-Barcelona. And it will do so with a mission service that aspires to dominate 30% of the high-speed market.

Iryo Trails in Spain: Where Does He Have Tours?

The operator intends to be present early next year in the three large high-speed lanes. On November 21 you will make the first flight Institutional, with different political and economic figures, which will cover Madrid – Valencia.

but the Services will not start to the public until 4 days later, on November 25. On that date Iryo will begin his services in Madrid Barcelona. It will operate 32 frequencies per day – 16-way and 16-way – between Barcelona and Madrid, so there will be at least one every hour.

Plans are due to arrive in Madrid-Valencia in commercial services on December 16. by 2023Aero expects to begin operations in the Southern Corridor in March 31. This will include communications from Madrid with Seville, Malaga, Cordoba and Antequera. and the June 2 It will start to stop at Alicante and Albacete.

What is the price of Iryo?

Iryo rates will depend on the class and services contracted. Anyway, from the operator they made sure of it Its average price will be around 18 euros. Tickets can be purchased from last September 18. iryo defends that it’s not a “low-cost” company, but also maintains that it hopes to Prices are 10-20% cheaper than Renfe..

This was explained by the company’s president, Carlos Bertomeu, in a recent interview with ABC. According to his words, multimedia and providing a service adapted to each traveler will be among the objectives of the operator.

Types of Iryo . tickets

Iryo . will have Four differentiated classes: infinite, singular brown, singular and elementary. The Infinite Class will include extra-large comfortable seating and a high-quality gourmet show. In addition, tickets include free changes until the same day. Cancellations will also be free up to 7 days before the flight, after which you will receive a 5% commission.

The one-of-a-kind café in your class, born out of the iryo alliance with Only You Hotels, also includes extremely comfortable XL seats and will allow you to change the flight time on the same day at no extra charge. To change the date, you will have to pay the difference and make the change at least 24 hours in advance. Around Ticket cancellation. 85% of the amount will be refunded when done more than seven days in advance, and if less than that, 75% will be refunded. There will also be changes to the ticket holder who pays €20.

The third is the singular category. The big difference from the previous seat is the seat, which converts from a large comfort XL to a comfort. Additionally, you are not allowed to access the Only You area in Atocha, something the unique café offers.

Finally, Iryo will present the first chapter, focusing on cheaper flights. It will include time changes on the same day of the flight by paying the fare difference. For daily changes, the traveler will pay an additional 15%. Cancellation amount will be refunded 80% more than a week in advance and 70% thereafter. Changes after the train is lost will not be included, and to change the stand it will be necessary to pay 40 euros.

How many trains will the operator have?

Iryo will go live with 20 ETR 1000 electric trains, called Red Arrow. The acquisition of these trains meant an investment of 800 million euros for the group.

Who is behind Iryo?

There are three companies Those with a stake in Ilsa, the company that controls the Iryo brand. The largest shareholder is Trenitalia, which owns 45% of the group’s capital. It is the Italian general operator that has taken on the significant investments in trains that the operator had to make. Behind him are Air Nostrum partners, with 31% of the capital, and finally Globalvia, which owns 24% of the operator.

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