Pressure is mounting on Boluarte to resign from the Peruvian presidency

The last time the President of Peru appeared in public, Dina Polwart, to make statements to the press, it was Monday, January 9, the day that 19 people, 18 civilians and a police officer, died in Puno, a city on the border with Bolivia. The president’s appearance came at the National Accord meeting, which coincided with the Bono events, and he said, “I have just been told that a civilian has just died in Bono. Bono brothers, brothers from where they are still rising up, protesting what? It is not clear what,” Boloart said. that they ask for…”.

The escalation of violence in the country continues – it has left fifty deaths – and, among other consequences, the losses of politicians in the Boulwart government. Accordingly, the Minister of Labor and Social Promotion, Edward GarciaHe resigned from office this Friday, a decision he justified in a speech in which he affirmed that “political action is required, in the good sense of the term ‘political’. A government statement is required expressing the pain we feel for the loss of the lives of our brothers and the losses incurred by these families. It is necessary to apologize to the population and admit mistakes It must be corrected so that this does not happen again.

While the president is still absent from the public space, protests continue in different parts of the country, calling for her resignation. On Friday, a massive rally was held in Lima that started from Plaza 2 de Mayo and reached the affluent neighborhood of Miraflores. Filled under motto Dima resign, that he has presided over a large part of the demonstrations in recent weeks; A request that coincides with requests made by the governors of the regions of Puno, Apurímac and Cuzco.

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“The time of Mrs. Dina Boulwart’s presidency has entered the countdown… It could mean the loss of more human lives because the policy that is being maintained has not changed, what is happening is incomprehensible, and there is little flexibility when listening to the demands. Let us endeavor to give it a channel. And instead From that, he (Boulwart) hid from the situation,” the former prime minister denounced, Jorge Neto Montesinoson PBS.

Neto Montesinos, who has met with the president more than once, said: “After 49 people have been killed, no political action by President Poulwart, such as resignation from office that would speed up the elections and end the bloodshed, can be ruled out.” Her friend is in the Government Palace in Lima.

Demonstrations will continue on Saturday in Lima – thousands of people are flocking to take part in the call “March of the Four Suyos”– The South and the Peruvian Coast against the Executive in Boluarte.

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