Prescriptions | A pharmacist questioned a mysterious question to his followers on Twitter: “What does he say?

the Doctors’ handwriting is illegible in most casesHence, it does not have a good reputation. In general, there is criticism among patients that they do not understand what medical professionals are prescribing. At least, that’s the cliché.

And so, it was revealed Cat pharmacist, Jill Martin Through a tweet on his personal page Twitter @Farmaenfurecida In which a text appears with the question: What does it say? Accompanied by a photo showing a prescription describing a drug that cannot be recognized because the information is illegible.

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The goal and intent of the protagonist when making this post is nothing more and nothing less than to challenge users to see if someone is able to understand the message. to which users responded along the lines of the same lines that the key was not pressed. Or rather, by letter. This tweet of about 100,000 impressions is causing an uproar and may remove suspicion. “Enantyum 25 mg,” say some users on Elon Musk’s social network.

This isn’t the first time this well-known tweeter has posted a challenge that ends up going viral. Already last year he posted another photo with the message: “Brave courage.” To which he himself replied that some had even guessed it and that it was the drug Ezetrol prescribed to lower high cholesterol levels.

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