Premier League: Worry at City with Haaland: “He had a blow and he wasn’t comfortable and we didn’t want to take any chances”

theto Manchester City’s victory (3-1) against Aston Villa This put him three points off Arsenal’s lead with another game which could have come at a heavy price. Erling Haaland was substituted in the first half of the match after he had the back of his right thigh treated by the medical services.

Three days after visiting the Emirates in an important match for first place in the English Premier League (if they win they will be at the top with a better goal difference than Arsenal) Feelings towards Haaland are not the best. And more after what Pep Guardiola commented after the match.

We will see and evaluate in the next few days, but if Haaland is not ready, he will play again

Pep Guardiola, Manchester City coach

“Erling took a hit and he wasn’t comfortable. At 3-0, at half-time, I spoke to the doctors and we didn’t want to take any chances. With a tighter marker, I might not have removed it. I think he’s not injured, but we’ll see him on Monday. “I hope to be there on Wednesday, but if I’m not ready or there’s a risk, I’ll play again,” Pep told Sky Sports.

10 days of the Champions League

With Arsenal three days away and the first leg of their Champions League last-16 tie against RB Leipzig 10 days away, anxiety has grown in City.. “I hope he is not too injured because we need him,” Gundogan said., Author 2-0 against Villa with a pass from the Norwegian. His 31 goals in 29 appearances for the “cityzens” between all leagues and 25 in 21 in the Premier League have been key goals so far. If Haaland wasn’t around, the city would suffer.

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