Premier League: With City yet to win the Premier League, Haaland will remember this very clear double chance

orIt is a typical principle and basic principle of football that championships are lost because of details, and Haaland in the 24th round of the Premier League had two details that since City do not end up becoming champions, he will remember them and many more.

With 0-1 down on the scoreboard, with Arsenal pressing after winning the match and with 22 games remaining, the Premier League’s top scorer, the Norwegian striker, enjoyed two clear chances to seal victory for his side, but missed both. And it ended up seeing how Nottingham Forest equalized the game.

After a shot from Foden was not saved by Keylor Navas, the ball went free to the best playmaker in the world, Erling Haaland. His first shot hit the crossbar, a first miss that had already caught attention, but the fortune gods gave him a second chance and in better shape than before and with all in favor more than a few seconds before that he sent the ball over the crossbar in what could have meant 0-2 and it was Can judge a win that didn’t end up leaving City 2 behind Arsenal.

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