Premier League: Watkins, Emery’s ‘goal machine’ who carries the pulse of Haaland and Rashford

Unai Emery arrived on November 1st at Aston Villa who see their ‘premium status’ at risk. The “bad guys” after the departure of Steven Gerrard finished in 16th place, one point and two from relegation.

Good work from Emery on his return to the Premiership – and he has already captained Arsenal – It allowed them to rise to 11th place, with a “cushion” of 11 points In Bournemouth, which represents permanence. Good signs that the former coach of Villarreal, Almeria, Valencia, Seville and Paris Saint-Germain, among others, has dared. To reveal his dream of “returning Villa to Europe”.

A comeback in which he had a lot to do “goal machine” Designed by Unai Emery. We are talking, in fact, about Oliver George Arthur Watkins (Torquay, 1995). Villa ‘9’, signed from Brentford in 2020 for 34 million, scored again against West Ham (1-1), with a header after a wonderful cross from Spaniard Lex Moreno, and is considered The fittest striker in the prime.

Only Haaland and Rasford were able to match Watkins’ six goals In the last seven days of the prime minister’s life. Villa ‘9’ maintained only zero in its victory over Crystal Palace (1-0). In reality, Restricted five consecutive days scoring, A milestone that no “villain” has ever achieved throughout history.

“Every day he wants more and sometimes we have to stop him”

“It’s very competitive. Every day, when we finish training, he wants more. Sometimes we have to stop it and say, “That’s enough for today.” He scores a lot of goals because he is a very good striker. I have improved a lot in general. But we want to use our experience of working with other strikers to help him keep going,” Emery confirms.

Emery modifications are working. “I often want to leave the area, but Unai bluntly tells me: ‘Don’t go, stay there. It makes me laugh, but it works.He admits to international English in an interview with ‘The Times’. “I am happy with him. If I ask for more, it’s because I think it could be better.” Emily insists.

I often want to get out of the zone, but Unay tells me candidly: “Don’t go, stay there. Makes me laugh but it works

Ollie Watkins

Meanwhile, Watkins adds and goes on. His final goal, against Brentford, was also for him an award. And twice. You can be proud of it Together with the legendary Dwight Yorke (1998)the only Aston Villa player He has scored in four consecutive away matches.

100 goals as a pro

The Villa forward also scored his 100th elite goal. Watkins has scored 34 goals since arriving at Villa. Previously, you might have noticed 45 goals with Brentford and 21 with Exeter.

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