Premier League: Unai Emery signs Diego Carlos in the final race of the Premier League

orNo great joy, the former heart of defense Seville, Diego Carlos, who arrived as one of Aston Villa’s best signings this summer, is smiling again. The Brazilian ruptured his Achilles tendon in his second match and disappeared from the map.

The many hours of gym and solo recovery are coming to an end. Diego Carlos He missed the World Cup, a severe blow for any player and a huge part of the English Premier League, to which he came with special enthusiasm.

Unai Emerywho was very familiar with the player throughout this redemption process, will soon make a central defender again. Diego Carlos He has already started working on the field with the rest of his teammates and will be able to help his team in the final phase of the season. He’s not yet ready to play, and needs a few weeks to regain his physical tone, but he’s already seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. “We are very happy that he is working with us again,” Emery said this week. “But of course he will need some time to be fit and have the confidence to play.”

Paying $31 million Aston Villa to Seville This summer by a middleman who was called upon to be a benchmark in the premier. However, the injury destroyed all the illusion generated. Now Unai is restoring the player for a crucial stage of the season.

Since the arrival of the Basque coach, Villa have moved from difficult positions, but they have yet to give their last bit of energy to the fight for European positions.

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