Premier League: Ugly gesture with Jack Wilshere: “I gave him my shirt and he cleaned his shoes with it”

AndHe is indeed a former English player Jack Wilshere who was an icon in his early days in the premiership spoke on the June 30 podcast George Groves Boxing Club For his first years in the English Premier League, defending a shirt Arsenal.

The midfielder admitted this during a cup match between Arsenal and Manchester citythat one of the main characters in The Blues had a very ugly gesture with him. Craig Bellamy a Manchester City player, was one of his references then and that I wanted to collect his shirt The party Despite the fact that the Welsh winger had two runs with Wilshere during the match, the young Briton was not discouraged from getting his shirt.

“He was awful to me the whole game. But anyway, after the game he wanted his shirt, can I have yours? He gave it to me, I gave it to me and walked away. When I turned around… I was cleaning my shoes with my shirt!” The former player admitted between laughs.

Jack Wilshere was one English promises Who generated the most illusion during his later years as a footballer, he played eight seasons on the team gunner She was international 34 times. His last adventure was in Aarhus Dance Before retiring at the age of 30 last summer.

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