Premier League: Tottenham pass with Gill’s brilliant statement: ‘I’m focused here’

Brian Gill, the Spanish footballer with Tottenham Hotspur, has yet to clarify whether he will continue the rest of the season at the English club. And he admitted that if the start happened, then it would, but now he is focused on “Tottenham” and he worked hard to enjoy the minutes.

The Spanish striker has started three consecutive matches for the first time since joining the England national team in 2021 and is enjoying his best moments in London.

Everyone needs their own adjustment time. Gil told EFE after Tottenham beat Portsmouth (1-0) with a goal from Kane in the FA Cup which gave them a pass to the round of 16.. “Now is the time when I have the most minutes, when I matter the most. I’ve worked hard for this moment to come. I hope to continue to enjoy the minutes here and keep improving,” he said.

Regarding a possible exit in this transfer market, Gill has not ruled out any option, but he was happy with his moment at Tottenham.

“My thoughts haven’t changed because I work day in and day out, and I don’t think about the future, because in the end you never know what could happen. If I have to play, take advantage and work in the present. If it happens, then it happens, but I’m focused here.” .

The Spaniard, after a fateful season and a half, finally won the confidence of Antonio Conte, who began to use it regularly after the World Cup.

He commented, “Now he gives me minutes and I have to return his confidence to him. He is calm when I play and I do it well.”

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The Italian coach praised him in recent days, likening him to Bernardo Silva, one of the stars of Manchester City, while he spoke well of his physical improvement and asked him to continue this path.

“I don’t read the press much, but if he said that… Bernardo Silva is a great player, he’s on another level. The physical side was hard for me in the first year. I start working with the physical side. The coaches and I notice it. I think you can see it. On the field too,” Gill said.

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