Premier League: This is David Datro Fofana, Chelsea ‘9’ from the same ‘mold’ as Haaland

Christopher FivilleBreaking the mold again. Chelsea’s new boss fished Mold to take Erling Haaland to Salzburg in 2019…and now he’s set his sights on the Norwegian champion once again To sign David Datro Fofana (Ouragahio, 12-22-2002).

The new signature “blue” and Halland Sharing something more from their time at Aker Stadion: They live in the same apartment. “It’s something symbolic. You say to yourself: ‘We started in the same place, and I hope in the future I can be like Haaland.'” What a player! He admitted on TV2.

It’s a symbolic thing. You say to yourself: We started in the same place, and hopefully in the future he will be like Haaland. What a player!

David Datro Fofana

Molde coach Erling Mo explains the differences between Fofana and Haaland: “It’s hard to draw lines between two players like that, they’re so different, but I also see some similarities. David came in very young, spent a lot of time getting to know himself and developed quickly. With Haaland it was a little bit like that.”

It’s hard to draw lines between Haaland and Fofana because they’re two different players, but I also see some similarities.

Erling Mo, Mold Instructor

“Fofana has huge potential with the ball, but we have to work on his formation without the ball.”Mo remarks to refer to the new ‘9’ from Chelsea.

The Ivory Coast striker, three times international with Los Elephants, has falsely falsified himself: “I trained in the street. I’m not a product of any academy. Street football has a little bit of everything: technique, fitness, shooting… The goals are small and you have to have a goal to score.”

I trained on the street. I am not a product of any academy. Street football has a little bit of everything: technique, fitness, shooting…

David Datro Fofana

His profile picture on YouTube: “When it comes to bargaining, I pay attention to Ronaldinho and the ‘old’ Ronaldo. Above all, I am inspired by Cristiano. As far as a change of direction is concerned, I look to Messi. How he plays with his body I notice Ibra.

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I worked with him. “At the age of 16 I was playing in the first division of Ivory Coast with the Amadou Diallo Football Academy and was declared the best scorer,” to remember. He quickly “puts his tie” on Mold. “He came for the first time in March 2020, but he had to go home because of the epidemic. However, we did not lose touch. We have high hopes for him.” Erling Mu admitted.

He had a foot and a half in Angers when he landed in Norway in 2021. “It convinced me that Mold really loved me. The way they greeted me made me change my mind.”

Play now for Chelsea. “Drogba has played there and it’s been my team since I was young,” recognition.

Drogba played there. Chelsea has been my team since I was a kid

David Datro Fofana

Now, having contributed 17 goals in 29 games as Molde won the league and cup, he is following in his footsteps.. However, his prototype is reminiscent of that of another of his countrymen: Wilfried Bony. Fofana Ayman, without being a technical marvel, knows how to continue the game by playing with his back.

In the area he is a striker with few touches. It doesn’t have to be imposed…but read the play well to get to the right place at the right time. His strength in racing makes him a danger while driving. At Stamford Bridge they already know what awaits them.

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