Premier League: Thiago Alcantara points to the ‘culprit’ of Liverpool’s crisis: ‘It’s a psychological thing’

Thiago AlcantaraSpanish midfielder LiverpoolI realize it A failed attempt by the “Reds” in an attempt to win the Quadruple Crown (UEFA Cup, FA Cup, Premier League, Champions League) Last season weighs on their shoulders this year.

On his way to the Quadruple Crown Liverpool played every possible game this season He won the League Cup, won the FA Cup against Chelsea, lost the Champions League final against Real Madrid and finished second in the Premier League, one point behind Manchester City.

two weeks ago Jurgen Klopp has already said that they underestimated playing for all the titles last seasonThiago was the first member of the team to support his coach’s theory.

It’s not just about the material aspects. It’s psychological, because we were so close to winning it all and we just touched it, but it went too far.

Thiago Alcantara

Thiago Alcantara explained in words: “It’s not just about the physical aspects. It’s something psychological, because we were so close to winning everything and we just touched it, but unfortunately it’s over. In difficult times, we have to be together as a team.” It reproduces the newspaper ‘daily Mail’.

Liverpool’s plan to save the season: “Let’s go game by game”

distance 0-0 draw with Chelsea Liverpool ranks ninth in the English Premier League, with 29 points, 10 points behind the Champions League positions.

English Premier League (Day 21): Summary of Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea

“We go match by match to add points that help us go as high as possible,” said the Spain international. “Our target is the next match. Not to be in the top four or in the Europa League, just the next match.” A strategy from Liverpool to retreat.

Our goal is the next match. Not being in the top four or in the Europa League, just the next game.”

Thiago Alcantara

“There is a long way to go in the season. We are alive in the Champions League and the FA Cup. We are not in the position we want in the Premier League, but we are still there and that is good,” he said. Hispanic.

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