Premier League: They Can’t Contain Themselves! They take advantage of the break to celebrate promotion mid-match

toyesterday Leyton Orient have arrived at Gillingham and could seal their promotion from League Two (English class 4) to League One. visitors based on stockport county result, Which occupies fourth place, and is the first to be left without direct promotion.

schedule for both parties It is designed to run at the same timebut a Field lighting problem From Gillingham the game was paralyzed for a long time. immediately before the appeal, Leyton Orient players and managers learn Stockport have equalised, and have been awarded promotion.

immediately afterwards, They all merge into a pineapple to celebrate the ascent, which lasts a few minutes. Gillingham players, upset, They ask the referee to do something and make their competitors’ behavior ugly. Finally, the locals would fail, winning the match 2-0, but Leyton Orient didn’t care anymore.

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