Premier League: They accuse a Manchester United player of taking drugs in a car: They catch Brandon Williams with ‘crack hippie’

Brandon Williamsthe 22-year-old, is an advocate for Manchester United who earns about 70 thousand euros a week, was Taken by inhalation from a balloon deployed in England with the drug known as “hippie crack” (nitrous oxide).

A source told the newspaper ‘the sun’.

What is hippie crack?: Nitrous oxide or laughing gas

Nitrous oxide is a popular anesthetic gas among young Brits who inhale it for short-term freshness.

Possession or use of this gas is not illegal, but its distribution is.

An overdose of nitrous oxide can cause coordination problems, heart attack, and even death.

The British government is close to banning it.

Football player Tyler Bury filmed himself taking a “hippie crack” while driving

Tyler Burry has signed up for allegedly snorting hippie crack. While driving and posting the controversial video on the social network “Snapchat”.

They recorded that Arsenal players were “breaking down” while consuming the drug “hippie crack”.

in 2018 Several Arsenal players were recorded inhaling ‘crack hippie’ (nitrous oxide) In a private party at the exclusive Tape Club in London.

Alexandre Lacazette, Mathieu Guendouzi, Sid Kolasinac, Mesutzel and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang are the stars of this controversial video that has rocked the soccer world in England.

According to a video and information from The Sun newspaper, several Arsenal footballers “collapsed” and “passed out” after consuming the addictive “hippie crack” by inhaling it into balloons.

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