Premier League: The young Odegaard who frightened the professionals: ‘We were afraid a 13-year-old would embarrass us’

TheHe’s been hoarding covers and receiving football compliments all his life, and it can be said he’s just getting started on his athletic career. Martin Odegaard first stepped onto the professional floor when he was still a teenager. Even, as some of the champions of that first match asserted, the Norwegian Football Association gave a touch of Stromsgodst, ​​the Nordic nation’s second tier.

Long live one of those characters who lived the debut of Little Odegaard was Martin Strange, a player at the time for Magondalenethe direct competitor of Stromsgodset, and the first footballer to have experienced it on the left wing.

“We were leading 4-0 in the first half. He played as a left-back and after the break, Stromsgodst brought in a new right winger: Martin Odegaard,” Strange recalls after being questioned by the Daily Mail.

In that friendly match, not even 25 minutes had passed since he was on the field and had already scored his first goal. Not long ago, the technicians gave him their last advice, most notably “take care of your legs”.

Debut and touch

But serendipity, or not, you’ll get that in that lonely beginning, ever since I didn’t play at this level again until 2015 Because of the touch the union gave his team, he was somewhat protected as Mjondalen’s assistant coach was none other than Martin’s father himself, Hans Erich.

One way or another, whoever encounters him that day knows that things haven’t changed much in terms of the way he plays or deals with football. “If the defender runs too hard on Martin, just stop the ball and get in and it will come out.Strange, who admits he was a bit afraid a 13-year-old would bargain, assumes.

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What seems obvious, and they also have in the lands of the North, is that “he had the ability to see what was around him, something he had not heard. At this level, Pretty sure it seemed to him that everything was moving in slow motionMjondalen’s captain at the time, Christian Josth acknowledges.

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