Premier League: The supercomputer predicts where the champions’ positions will be in the Premier League

AndPrecious St. Premier. Whether at the bottom or in the struggle for European positions in which nothing has been decided yet with 3 days left. Focusing on the Champions District, Liverpool and Manchester United are in a fierce battle for fourth place United are currently one point more than Liverpool but with one game less than the Red Devils.

Yesterday’s defeat by United at West Ham and Liverpool’s victory at Brentford sparked controversy Which team will be in the top four in the Premier League? Klopp’s men have won five matches in a row, while United have lost two in a row.

Data based prediction

In ‘FiveThirtyEight’ they make a prediction using a supercomputer with which we can see which teams will finish in the Champions League places in the Premier League. City will be crowned champion with 91 points, followed by Arsenal with 87 points, Newcastle with 72 points and Manchester United with 71 points.. I’ll be behind Liverpool with 68 points and Brighton with 64 points, The team that was revealed in the English Premier League.


The first predictionFiveThirtyEight

calendar Liverpool is the following: Travel to Leicester and Southampton and host Aston Villa at Anfield. one of united It is more feasible with Fulham, Chelsea and Wolves at Old Trafford and visit Bournemouth.

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