Premier League: The revolution Klopp is calling for to put Liverpool back on top

Last season, Liverpool were in the middle of the road to good. Champions of the Carabao and FA Cup, the Reds lost the Premier League at the last corner (City beat them on another beat) and the Champions League (Real Madrid beat them (1-0) in the final in Paris) after playing. As many matches as possible. A wonderful campaign in which Al Baraka laid the foundations for his future Junior Club is renewed until 2026.

“This extension is different because of the time I’ve been here. I asked myself if it was right to continue and we concluded that it was. There is still freshness in the club and that gives me energy.”, admitted the German, who since 2015 turned “doubtful into believers” at Anfield and led Liverpool into the elite of Premier League and Europe after dark years. However, everything has changed this campaign.

UEFA Champions League (8th leg): Summary and goals for Liverpool 2-5 Real Madrid

“Last year was very strong, much longer than we expected, and it was clear that this season will be difficult. We will do our best to move forward. I did not become a bad coach overnight,” Klopp noted. However, the course is a drama in the red part of Merseyside. He was knocked out of the two cups he won last season and seventh in the Premier League, Nine points from the Heroes area! Two games short of Tottenham (fourth), Suffered win (2-5) The first leg of the Champions League last 16 against Real Madrid left them close by a KO

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Relief after a disaster

In a couple of weeks ‘Pool’ may be out of the running for all the titles, as it has its sole obligation to enter the continent’s top competition with achieving the Community Shield in August as the only trophy. Very little in a campaign full of injuries, the ups and downs of its stars and almost three times the number of defeats (11) than last time (four).. Changes are coming… As Klopp warned: “We know we have to improve and change things and we will. We can’t do that now, but obviously we will do something in the summer.”

Klopp and his mockery of Chelsea: “It is clear that they solve things differently than us”

A drastic shift from what was revealed a few months ago. “We can’t play ‘Monopoly’ in the market,” he said. “In dreamland, you buy players and solve problems, but that’s not going to happen. Right now, the market is not a solution,” he declared. However, everything will accelerate when blindness is lowered for 2022-23.

Don’t waste money in this club. Signatures should always be reasonable. That makes it really hard to do four deals before we know who’s leaving.

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool coach

A plan the German makes clear what it will be like at Anfield:Don’t waste money in this club. Signatures should always be reasonable. That makes it really hard to make four additions before you know who’s leaving.”. in recent seasons, Klopp has been criticized “The way teams like City and Chelsea operate…”We are different from other competitors because they are owned by passes or by oligarchs,” he said.

Behind Chelsea, City, United and Arsenal in spending

Since October 2015, the date of Klopp’s arrival at Anfield, The ‘Reds’ have invested 761 million euros in players such as Van Dijk (85), Alisson (62.5), Keita (60), Luis Daz (47), Fabinho (45), Jota (45) … Who played a key role in the Premier League, Champions League, Club World Cup… In that period, Chelsea spent 1,625 kilograms on soccer players, City 1,230, Manchester United 1,170, and Arsenal 965. Coming from behind is a “pool” of income of 483 million, leaving its balance at -278. The “blues” were sold for 822, “cityzens” for 575, “red devils” for 268 and “gunners” for 309, as they redeem themselves in addition to their accounts (-803 for Chelsea, -655 for City, -902 for United and -656 Arsenal).

We are different from other competitors because they are state owned or oligarchic

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool coach

This season, like none other, Chelsea (611.5), United (243.2), West Ham (194), Arsenal (192.3), Newcastle (185.3), Nottingham Forest (184.2), Tottenham (177.9), and Wolverhampton (177.1), City (150.5), Leeds (145.5) and Southampton (143.6) spend more than Liverpool (137.3) on Premier League players. Darwin Nese (80, Benfica), Gakpo (40, PSV), Fabio Carvalho (5.9 Fulham), Ramsey (4.9, Aberdeen) and Arthur (loan 4.5, Juventus). were his additions. However, they did not achieve the desired success.

Balance of spending and sales in the premier since Klopp’s arrival (2015)

  1. Manchester United: -902 million euros (1170/268)
  2. Chelsea: -803 million euros (1,230/822)
  3. Arsenal: 656 million euros (965/309).
  4. Manchester City: 655 million euros (1230/575)
  5. Liverpool: -278 million euros (761/483)

Neither Darwin Neese nor Jakpo “plugged” the hole left by Mann’s departure to Bayern Munich. And the injury of Jota and Luis Diaz “interrupted” the transition in “Doctors Without Borders” It started last year, when the Colombian and Portuguese fired Firmino out of the eleven, and Salah was consistent. “We are working to obtain options for the present and the future. All development includes the introduction of new blood,” the German explained.

midline renewal

But after the time when the Uruguayan and the Dutchman need to cope at the top, the biggest problems come in the middle. Injuries to Thiago, Fabinho and Henderson and their ages (over 30) mean they need new parts to continue their ‘suffocating football’. Bajcetic (18), Elliott (19) and Carvalho (20) are already making appearances, but the additions will arrive. In addition, Keta, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Milner terminated their contracts in July. In the past they tried it with Tchuameni and Enzo Fernandes and now they are going to Bellingham.

Liverpool need four or five signings, three of them midfielders. They have to stick to the market to solve their problems

Jamie Carragher, former Liverpool captain

“There is always talk of buying Judd, but the truth is the team needs four or five signings. They have to cling to the market to solve their problems. Klopp has tried everything, with formations, young players and veterans… and nothing works. There are many things that need to change in the club before the coach. Jamie Carragher announced“They have to sign three midfielders. They have to spend 200 million to compete for the premiership again.” Barella (Inter), Amrabat (Fiorentina), Caicedo (Brighton) … are some of the names on his agenda. The game of quick transfers and high intensity that made Liverpool win with Klopp needs more legs. And they also need a central defender to supplement Van Dijk in the face of Matip’s injuries, Konat… a lot to buy him back to the top. Clear club.

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