Premier League: The day Guardiola made Gabriel Jesus cry

Gabriel Jesus He will be facing his second season at Arsenal. The start was great, with the Brazilian and his team kicking off. But a knee injury slowed his performance, and sure enough, in part it also slowed Arsenal who could not snatch the title from Manchester City.

Gabriel Jesus specifically left Skyblues looking for more stability and a more heroic feel. In the union he felt what was lacking. There were several cases that reinforced his idea. Someone explained In the Denilshow podcast by former footballer Denilson and Brazilian journalist Chico García. That was when he exploded over one of Guardiola’s “foolishness”.

There was a match where he put Zinchenko in error 9. It was in the Champions League against Paris Saint-Germain at home. Crazy thing

“There was a game where Zinchenko put a false 9. It was in the Champions League against PSG, at home. Crazy thing. The day before he wasn’t even wearing it, a striker put me. Then, on the day of the match, two hours ago … Zinchenko even joked with me: “That day I felt bad for you,” explained Gabriel Jesus, who shed tears that day.

“I didn’t even eat. I went straight to the room crying. I called my mom: I want to go home. He put a left there… I went crazy,” he added. Destiny led the Brazilian that night to be the hero of the match. He jumped onto the field for Zinchenko himself in the second half and ended up deciding the match. But the injury was already open.

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