Premier League: The BBC is stepping back and Gary Lineker will present Match of the Day again

Gary Lineker returns to present Match of the Day After he was deleted because of his tweets criticizing the British government’s immigration policy, which violates the “BBC” neutrality. A fact that stopped covering the program last weekend due to a boycott of the commentators and journalists who carry it out.

“We all realize this has been a difficult period for the staff, contributors, presenters and, most importantly, our audience. I apologize for that.”Tim Davie, director general of the BBC, said that they would review the social networking policy of the public entity.

“Though the last few days have been difficult, they simply do not compare to fleeing persecution or war at home to seek refuge in a faraway land. It is gratifying to see sympathy for their plight by so many. We are still a country dominated by tolerance, hospitality and generosity.Lineker tweeted, which supports this revision of the social media policy and hopes to bring it up again soon.

This was controversy

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) announced, on Friday, that Lineker will temporarily leave “Match of the Day” due to his tweets in which he criticized immigration policy in the United Kingdom and considered the language used in Nazi Germany. This contradicts the recommendations made by the British chain, which prevent its journalists from expressing their political opinions on social media and demand their impartiality.

Lineker, a former football player for Barcelona and the England national team, is one of the most famous experts on English football and the highest paid star of the BBC with a salary of more than 1 million euros per year. In the past, Lineker himself had already run into trouble for his political views on Twitter, which were made no worse because of his status as an “independent” and because his work was focused on sports.

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However, this time, his views on the UK immigration plan have prompted the BBC to say his latest activity breaches the company’s social media guidelines, adding that it “shouldn’t take sides on partisan issues or political controversies”. His remarks were dismissed as “irresponsible” by Soella Braverman, the Home Secretary, who was also censored by Culture Secretary Lucy Fraser, who stressed that the BBC had to be impartial to “maintain the confidence of the public” who supported it.

Just a few minutes after Lineker’s tentative farewell, until an agreement was reached over his use of Twitter, the ‘Match of the Day’ stars rested., the longest-running football program (broadcast since 1964) and popular on British television, he distanced himself from the project. Alan Shearer, Ian Wright, Micah Richards and Jermaine Jenas, all former football players and contributors to the show, have announced their absence.

In addition, the program’s commentators decided to boycott en masse and Premier League players did not have to be interviewed for Match of the Day, as confirmed by the FA. So the BBC stopped covering it.

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