Premier League: ‘Terminator’ for the bankrupt premier who survived as a dog bouncer, bartender and professional golfer

AndHe was a former soccer player Julian Dicks (1968) He said how recovered from bankruptcy Thanks to a mix of golf, dog grooming, and bartending, and switching to soccer as an assistant coach.

Julian Dix, who trained at Birmingham City And He came to play a season in Liverpool By Graeme Souness, it’s the whole lWest Ham United legend Thanks to his ferocity on the grass, he was nicknamed “finisher”And it was easy for him to get a red card (he was sent off nine times).

He stayed several times on the verge of being called up to the England team for disciplinary problems. “I don’t want to play for England. I’m not interested anymore. If they call me, I won’t play.”Dix announced in 1997.

The popular defender left the Premier League in 1999 at the age of 29, “I did not choose to retire, the decision was taken by West Ham on my behalf.”.

“When I resigned from West Ham I had enough money in the bank to never work again. Then in 2001 I got divorced and my wife had it all,” Julian Dicks explains in comments published by The Sun.

“We took care of other people’s dogs.”

From a devastating separation in which he lost millions, Julian Dicks survived by setting up kennels: “We took care of other people’s dogs. That was great because I love animals, especially English Bull Terriers. Some people find them threatening, but it depends on how you set them up?”

“I retired from golf because of my knee… and because I wasn’t good enough”

His next adventure was to try his luck as a professional golfer, and he was placed under the orders of golfer Dennis Pugh, coach of Colin Montgomery. His career as a golfer was not very successful.

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“There’s a finite number of times you can pay over $565 to play in a tournament and get nothing in return. I end up breaking a lot of my clubs,” Dix explains. Aidan Radnedge.

He explained on the West Ham website, “I retired from golf because of my knee. I played tournaments in Spain that were three rounds and after the first it was impossible for me to play the second and third. Besides, I wasn’t good enough. I found out after a few tournaments.” .

He went down behind the tavern in the tavern, the shepherd and the dog

After putting golf on hold in 2002 due to knee problems and poor results, he chose to enter the hotel business and bought the Shepherd and Dog pub in Langham (Colchester).

He said at the time: “We have a lot of football fans who come just to say hello. They booed me from the stands but now we’re laughing. Most of the time they criticize me for the ground-level inserts I used to make.”

In 2005 he moved pub and returned to football as manager of lowly clubs like Wivenhoe Town and Grays Athletic, until he made the jump to Watford as assistant to former teammate Slaven Bilic.

Subsequently, he continued his career on the bench or sports management at Heybridge Swift, West Bromwich Albion, Carolina Velocity and Watford, a club for which he is currently an assistant manager.

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