Premier League: Stylish football duo retracted: Douglas Luiz and Alicia Lehmann split over a photo

Thesoccer players Douglas Louise s Alicia Lymanboth players from Astonvillehave roto their relationship after nearly a year.

Newspaper ‘the sun’ stating that both They end their romance due to an argument by Alesha Lehman’s famous 2023 calendar entry in which she stars in sexy poses.

Soccer player Alesha Lehmann presents her official calendar for 2023

The ‘daily Mail’ publishes that “Douglas Luiz and Alisha Lehmann confirm that they have separated after their relationship of one year” and confirm that the separation was caused by the sensual images of the footballer’s asses.

Alisha Lehman confirmed her romance with Douglas Louise in January 2022.

In November 2021, Alesha Lehman posted a video to her Stories in it He was in a very affectionate position with Douglas Louise.

Alisha Lehmann was Ramona Bachmann’s girlfriend before dating Douglas Louise

Alisha Lehmann stands out as a striker, at only 23 years old she is one of the most popular soccer players in the world (she has over 9.3 million followers on Instagram).

He is international with Switzerland and in 2021 he changed Everton for Aston Villa.

Before dating douglas louise media Alisha Lehmann has maintained a romantic relationship with soccer player Ramona Bachmanna well-known Paris Saint-Germain player who played for Chelsea or Wolfsburg.

The Ramona Bachmann and Alisha Lehmann Love Storywhich ended on March 7, 2021, has become a documentary about BBC.

The lives of Alisha Lehmann and Ramona Bachmann: passionate couple and field rivals

Douglas Luiz, Alicia Lehmann’s ex-lover who played for Girona and paid him $30 million

Douglas Luiz is a 24-year-old Brazilian midfielder who is an international with the Brazil national team.

Formed in the Brazilian Vasco de Gama youth system, until 2017 Manchester City paid $12 million for his transfer.

Pep Guardiola’s team loaned the Brazilian youngster to Gironathe Spanish team in which he played two seasons in La Liga.

in 2019 Aston Villa paid 18 million euros to Manchester City For the transfer of Douglas Louise.

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