Premier League: Something’s going on with Bernardo Silva: Guardiola puts him on and takes him away in the 30th minute

Bernardo Silva’s future is still in Nebula. The Portuguese footballer himself, who is contracted until 2025, has been responsible for ‘feeding’ the rumours. At least, they didn’t erase it: “I don’t run away from questions about my future, but the great truth is that I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

I don’t shy away from questions about my future, but the great truth is, I don’t know what’s going to happen

Bernardo Silva

“What happens to my future doesn’t even affect me because it is I’ve been in this situation for almost 3 years. I’m used to it “recognized at the end of last season.

Little or nothing has changed since then. Bernardo Silva continues at Manchester City despite the “mermaid songs” coming from Saudi Arabia and Paris Saint-Germain. Barcelona also remains attentive, “in the shadows”, to the outcome of the “TV series”.

But the first game in the preseason It can be understood as a “wake-up call” for Bernardo Silva to make himself known. The former Benfica and Monaco player played just 30 minutes in the win over Yokohama Marinos (3-5).

The strange thing is how they played. Guardiola has lined up two of eleven different players in each half. Only goalkeeper Stefan Ortega played 90 minutes. Bernardo Silva, Who went in the first half and his replacement (Maxi Pironi) They were the only ones who didn’t play at least 45 minutes.

Guardiola pulled the Portuguese “Fantasia” player in the 75th minute, and between the two, there seemed to be a “good feeling”. Babe even dared to kick him in the ass as he left on his way to the changing rooms to the laughter of the city staff.

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Guardiola’s early change fuels rumors about the Portuguese’s possible departure. However, the city manager gave another explanation in the press room: “I wanted to give Max minutes and Bernardo is shaping up very quickly.”

He wanted to give Max minutes and Bernardo is building up very quickly

Pep Guardiola

Something strange is happening with Bernardo. We’ll see what happens…

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