Premier League: Social media complaint from Brentford striker Evan Toni

aor 2022 and Racist classes related to the world of sports still happen. Racism in general is a scourge that must be eradicated from society, but it is unfortunate that it still appears in such an educational field and with such influence as sports. In this case, I touched it in Brentford striker Evan Toni.

nigga fuckingThat was the message I received which I did not hesitate to post on her official Twitter and Instagram channels. “I wasn’t even planning on uploading this, but I woke up angry. It really is a few words that invite you to think about how many racist messages footballers should receive per day, how many messages they post, but above all, how much no.

conflict of responsibility

Once the professional has access to this message, he decides whether to publish it or not. Here comes the eternal controversy over The consequences that the aggressor will have to bear By thousands of Tony fans.

Regarding this, one fan replied: “I know you don’t feel good about this and I am sorry to receive messages like this. But don’t forget the huge impact it had, his life could be ruined after this post. Even if you are right now, you will regret it later. Be a better person. The Englishman answered, emphatically and confidently:I won’t regret it, believe me“.

Nadia supports him

How could it be otherwise, Brentford issued an official statement in which he logically condemned the events that occurred in the harshest way, and protected his player: “Last night, Evan Toni was the subject of Disgusting racist abuse via direct messages received on social media. We condemn this discriminatory behaviour The strongest possible conditions. An attack on one of our players is an attack for all of us“.

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