Premier League: Sergi Canz: “I see myself playing in LaLiga, but I still feel important at Brentford”

yesErgie Kanz Tins is back (Casteln, 1997). After overcoming several setbacks with his hamstring injury, the Spanish footballer made his debut this season in the Premier League. “I’m very happy, Little by little I play minutes and get back to the rhythm of the competition This removes the frequent discomfort.”

A situation that was not easy on the mental level for the trainee player in “La Massa” and Liverpool. “You must be mentally strong because during recovery you are fighting against yourself and your thoughts. It took longer for the cruciate ligament to return from this injury Because when it seemed to me that I recovered, I fell again, so on several occasions,” he is honest.

With La Liga on the horizon

After nearly a decade on English soil, each passing season brings Sergi Canz a little closer to the Spanish championship. “I see myself in the League. I love how it is and how it develops. I don’t know if it will be done sooner or later, but I would like to play in Spain. Every year I have more desire,” the Spanish player revealed.

I see myself in La Liga, I want to go more every year

Sergio cans

While that desire is fulfilled, Kans will continue to play for Brentford, a team he has already become an institution after seven seasons of defending his jacket. “I feel like an important person, both for the club and for my teammatessays the football player.

Brentford evolution

It is not less, both “Bees” and Cans himself have experienced significant growth in parallel. “I came to Brentford when I was 18 when the club was struggling not to be relegated to the third division, and after all that work, We are eleventh in the premiership. It is a source of pride“Cans keep.

We must remember that until we were promoted, Brentford had not been prime minister for 74 years

Sergio cans

The position in the table deprives the English team of its main goal, which is to achieve permanence. “We are just thinking about the next game, we go out to win and have fun. We must remember that until we were promoted, Brentford had not been prime minister for 74 years. “We play every weekend with the goal of doing the best we can,” the Brentford winger explained.

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David Raya, Sergi Canz and the Spanish national team

Getting to “La Roja”, one of every player’s dream. The example that can be achieved by playing for a modest club like Brentford, is in his dressing room. “David Raya deserves to go to the World Cup, in fact he’s the primary goalkeeper for me. He’s coming out this season, he’s one of the best goalkeepers in the PM,” said Kans.

It would be great to go with the national team, but for now I have to keep taking minutes

Sergio cans

Raya has already done this, and is not yet a Sergi Cans client who is currently focused on the short term. “It would be great to go with the national team, but for now I have to keep taking minutesCompetitive pace and enjoyment. Everything else, if it should come, will come, ”explained the Spanish footballer.

The case of Liverpool and Klopp’s pulse in front of the Prime Minister

Before the start of the 30th edition of the English Premier League, another duel between the Reds and the Sky Blues was on the horizon, but the start of Klopp’s team, the coach who made his debut in Serge Canz’s “pool” tournament, was not expected. . “They’ve had a lot of injuries and it’s been a tough start to the season, but I think Klopp hasn’t gone through a moment like this yet and that’s what I applaud. They will reverse the situation. I know Klopp, he’s a very good coach‘, I kept Sergey’s cans.

I would like Arsenal to win the Premier League

Sergio cans

Arsenal de Arteta, strong favorites to win the title, occupy the place vacated by Liverpool. “I see them very well. I love the way they work as a team, and seeing the way they play is fun. Although they haven’t seen that drop in performance that all teams usually have. When that happens, they will have to show how strong they are.” They as a group. I would like them to win the premiership”, confirmed Sergey Warcraft.

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New member of “Common Goal”

Sergei Kanz was twice as lucky, and in addition to his return to the field, he joined the Common Goal, a non-governmental organization founded by Mata. His mission is to donate 1% of football players’ salaries to charitable causes. “I’ve known the podium since I played in the tournament And I was attentive to their movements on social networks, but I never felt ‘important’ enough to share.

I’m sorry I can’t start working with “Common Goal” sooner

Sergio cans

“After upgrading to Premier, we communicated through social networks and it was very simple. I regret not starting earlier. In Spain, he is clearly starting to show and I want to help him grow,” explained Sergi Kanz who will also strive to continue growing throughout this season in which he has already felt like a footballer again,

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