Premier League: Rodrygo scores again and sings ahead of the World Cup

sAudreygo Moreno He scores again in the Premier League and continues to increase his records to try to count on Los Enrique for the next World Cup in Qatar.. The Spanish striker scored the score 0-1 for his team, although he could not avoid Leeds’ defeat against Fulham.

Rodrygo made a great match against Fulham and scored the goal that opened the scoring after a header on a rebound. The goal he scored against the former Valencia striker against London He reaches five Premier League goals in 10 matches, and adds a goal every 135 minutes.

The Spanish striker scored four goals in his first three Premier League matchesand established himself in the fourth round of the English Premier League as the single best scorer, until Haaland unleashed his storm.

In the last six matches, Rodrygo has not seen any doorUntil today, where he broke the streak six days without scoring.

With three weeks to go until the World Cup, Rodrygo will try to empty the magazine and give reasons to persuade Los Enrique.

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