Premier League: Record betrayal and ‘inappropriate exposure’ of Kyle Walker, City figure: He can be denounced

Kyle Walkerdefend Manchester city Pep Guardiola, an England international, could face a police investigation after a video was leaked in which he dropped his pants in public and was seen groping his breasts and kissing a young woman who is not his wife (Annie Kellner) in a bar in London. Manchester.

And the English press publishes that the accident, which was carried out by Kyle Walker, occurred during a Sunday night partying and drinking alcohol with a group of friends and two of his friends.

one day before Walker Manchester City beat Newcastle 2-0. A victory that Guardiola gave them after him “Two days off at home. I don’t want to see them, they don’t want to see me.”.

Kyle Walker can be charged with “indecent exposure,” which carries a penalty of up to two years in prison

Newspaper And the channel “The Sun” exclusively published this scandalous video It was captured by security cameras as Walker is seen lowering his pants to expose himself to the rest of the building’s agents.

he ‘daily Mail’ Stating that A police investigation can be opened against a footballer for displaying himself in public his pants at the pub in an apparent drunken state, for which he could be charged with “indecent exposure”, which could result in The maximum penalty is two years imprisonment.

The UK Sexual Offenses Act 2003 provides for this inappropriate exposure It is when a person deliberately exposes their genitals, intending to see them, which may cause anxiety or distress.

Teresa Parkerfor the association Helping women He explains in The Sun that “whether it is trauma, laughter or intimidation, for those affected by inappropriate exposure there can be long-term effects, discomfort and trauma. It can give the person being exposed to feeling empowered in the situation. There are repercussions, it might give them the confidence to know what they can do next time.”

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