Premier League: Rashford is already a hundred years old … with goals: “He should be a key player in the World Cup”

He once again starred in the wake of Marcus Rashford (Mnchester, 1997). De Gea’s amazing save and the only goal of the English striker, who went into everything in Eriksen’s header, allowed Manchester United to defeat West Ham (1-0).

United have played 4,163 games, since 1937, including at least one young player in his starting eleven or off the bench. Rashford is Venus and nothing of the current generation is the one who decided the match,” reflects the sincerity of the BBC.

English Premier League (J14): Summary and goal of Manchester United 1-0 West Ham

It wasn’t just a goal for Rashford, who hasn’t scored in two consecutive games since January. He is 24 years old His 100th goal is with the Red Devils. “It’s an amazing moment for me. It’s something I’ve been waiting for a long time, so I’m happy.” Anyway, I’m just thinking of continuing to improve,” he said after the match.

It’s a wonderful moment for me. It’s something I’ve been waiting for for a long time, so I’m happy

Marcus Rashford

Rashford’s 100th goal for United is, however, a “resurrection” under Eric ten Hag. The striker had moved from “superstar to exaggeration” after a missed penalty in the Euro 2020 final against Italy. “I think he should go. His time at Manchester United is over.” Came to confirm Jamie Redknapp.

However, Rashford has rebelled and left injuries early in the season He has seven goals and three assists in 15 matches. “There is a completely different energy around the team and it has helped me survive At a better time mentally. This kind of thing is where I experienced the worst of last season.”

I’m in a better moment mentally. Ah this is where I lived the worst of last season

Marcus Rashford

Rashford, who needed 318 matches, became the 22nd player to score 100 goals for Manchester United. He’s far, yes, off the 253 goals scored by Wayne Rooney, the leading captain alongside Bobby Charlton (249) and Dennis Law (237).

Manchester United players with over 100 goals

  1. Wayne Rooney -> 253
  2. Bobby Charlton -> 249
  3. Dennis Low -> 237
  4. Jack Rowley -> 211
  5. George Best -> 179
  6. Dennis Violet -> 179
  7. Ryan Giggs -> 168
  8. Joe Spence -> 168
  9. Mark Hughes -> 163
  10. Paul Scholes -> 155
  11. Ruud van Nistelrooy -> 150
  12. Stan Pearson -> 148
  13. Cristiano Ronaldo -> 145
  14. David Heard -> 145
  15. Tommy Taylor -> 131
  16. Brian McClear -> 127
  17. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer -> 126
  18. Andrew Cole -> 121
  19. Sandy Turnbull -> 101
  20. Marcus Rashford -> 100
  21. Joe Cassidy -> 100
  22. George Wall -> 100

Rashford “Centurine” is doing so well that in England the first sounds have already been heard to start the World Cup. “In the past few weeks I’ve gone from thinking Rashford shouldn’t go to Qatar… to thinking he should have a place. After seeing him at Old Trafford, Southgate will think he should start from the left in the first match against Iran.” Jermaine Jenas, a former Tottenham player, confirmed in his analysis to “BBC”.

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