Premier League: Potter warns Chelsea signing Enzo Fernandes ‘overrated’

Chelsea have completed an unforgettable season Just a year after the arrival of Todd Bohle. He’s had four coaches (Tuschel, Potter, Bruno Saltor and Lampard) and has finished 12th in the premiership. In addition, they bid farewell to the Champions League in the quarter-finals and the Cup and League Cup in the first round.

Enzo Fernandez: “It’s not easy to change coaches constantly”

The 600 million (record) invested in remittances was of no use either. What’s more, The Guardian, Pohli’s first-year assessment, He reveals that Potter rebelled against the “Blues” hiring policy.

Former Brighton manager warnedAccording to the English newspaper, that “too many transfers” were made. So much so that Chelsea had to redesign their facilities. “We had to increase the size of the dressing room because it did not fit the size of the team.”Thiago Silva admitted.

Enzo Fernandez arrives at Chelsea for 121 million euros

The most surprising thing about Potter, always according to The Guardian, was his final warning about Enzo Fernandez. “It’s overpriced,” he would say, referring to the €121m that the “Blues” ended up paying for Benfica.

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