Premier League: Potter never stops receiving threats over Chelsea’s line: ‘They want me dead… and so do my kids’

Andhe Chelsea Don’t have a good time. Despite great efforts at the winter market, the English are still somewhat stuck. Potter On Friday, in a press conference, the team coach explained some details about how he sees his team.

The most annoying thing for him is living with threats. “Even though I’ve been supportive, I’ve gotten some not-so-nice emails wanting me to die and my kids to die, so that’s obviously not nice. The theme for me is, ‘Okay, how do I act?'” ‘ This is what I always come back to. The higher you go up, the more stress you put on your status as a person.said the coach.

It’s not an easy situation for him: “I want to succeed here, but threats aren’t pretty. You can answer one of two ways. I could say I don’t care, but you know I’m lying. Everyone cares what people think,” because we’re programmed to be socially connected.

He adds, “Ask my family what life has been like for me and for them. It hasn’t been fun at all. I understand fans go home upset because the team doesn’t win, but I assure you my life over the past three or four months has been very unpleasant, apart from The fact that I am so grateful for this experience.”

complicated situation

“You just have to brush it aside, and fortunately, it’s an isolated incident and it could come from anywhere. It’s not nice. You accept criticism, you accept being booed if you lose, and you completely accept whatever comes your way. But there is a line..”, Potter told Sky Sports.

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Looking into the future

Chelsea are 10th in the league with 31 points and 10 points away from searching for a European spot now marking Newcastle with their place in the Europa League. All in all, the Master is an optimist and even a joker. “I’m late for the press conference, but I’m still here.”

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