Premier League: Pickford ‘damage’ to stop penalty: He did the bottle trick on Maddison

Jordan Pickford Use all the weapons at your disposal Stopping a penalty kick for James Maddison In the Leicester-Everton match (2-2) on Monday. goal, in addition to intuition and reflexesuse the picarda and, of course, mincing Which I set up next to the concierge.

Referee indicated Maximum penalty for Michael Keane’s hand. Madison prepared to throw it. Pickford takes a look at his “Notes”. The result was in favor of the Everton goalkeeper, which was enough for him Do not move from the site, stay in the center, to abort the launch Leicester player.

A save where the goalkeeper kick played a big role in that. As a diligent student, He studied how and in which direction the Leicester players took penalties. He wrote it on a piece of paper he had Hold the water bottleso that he can obtain it at any time during the game.

“I did my homework, and I’m glad I stopped.


As you can see in the picture In the case of Madison It can be read: “Stay – 60% position.” And indeed, it was. The goalkeeper did not move Prevent the Foxes from getting 3-1 on the scoreboard.

“I did my homework,” Pickford said afterwards. “I’m glad I stopped him, because That’s what I’m here for, to try to help the team. I will do my best to get them out of trouble.”Follow the guard.

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