Premier League: Pep Guardiola: “This Champions League for City was like the World Cup for Messi”

Pep Guardiola Not commensurate with jubilation. longed for Champions Leaguewhich had been elusive from him since he left Barcelonait was him again after the victory over Inter Istanbul with both lonely Rodri. The Spanish coach was very satisfied with winning the title Oregon Again, and in conversation with Ol after his victory in Turkey, he compared winning to Champions with the Manchester city for the weight removed Messi above win b world.

“the Champions It’s a very tough competition to win, we all know that, and that’s something that happens a lot in your life, so to win it again and at this club that has welcomed me so well is very good,” he said.

To win the Champions League, you always need a lucky point or feel that it is written. I think about it more and more.

Pep Guardiola, to the first

one of SantpedorIn addition, he recognized the tremendous value and effort it took to be crowned the best team in the Europe: “It has always been difficult for us to achieve it, because this addition grants you through that wish and we fulfilled it yesterday. But it does not change us. It does not change me, today we are very happy and happy but I know that in the past we did the same thing that we could have won and that The year we did the same thing we could have lost. Champions… You must have this point of luck or this question of what is written. It is increasingly clear to me that this is written in these competitions.

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In addition to the question of what awaits us now? Guardiola recalled his former student Leo Messi when he won world and his catchphrase, “That’s it, that’s it,” referring to the fact that he can finally lift the title everyone has been claiming.

This champions gives meaning to the five premiers we won.”

Pep Guardiola, to the first

“I think the job is done. I don’t want to compare myself too much with Leo (Messi) but there is a picture of him in the World Cup ‘that’s it, that’s it’. No? Well, in this club I have to know that’s it. That’s it. everything Champions Gives meaning to five leading what we win

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