Premier League: Pep Guardiola on Calvin Phillips’ condition: “He really has the perfect body. Very exciting”

KAlvin Phillips appeared out of shape after the World Cup, as confirmed by Pep Guardiola a few days ago in a press conference. “wasn’t hurt, Weight gain has reached. He did not reach the condition of training and playing. When he’s ready, he’ll play, but we really need him.” However, everything seemed to indicate that the England international would indeed be Fully available to Pep Guardiola the next day in the Premier League. Against Leeds, he was on the bench, but in the post-match press conference, the Spanish coach joked about his fitness: “He already has the perfect body. Very exciting.”

Calvin He missed the first part of the season due to surgery to be able to get to the World Cup and he’s done everything to be able to play. It’s not just about fitness, you have to understand what we want to do, the movements… That’s why, as fast as you can, because Rodri can’t play everything, he’s going to play. Guardiola explained.

In addition to this, the manager of Manchester City He hinted that he could be counted on at the next meeting against Everton. “I am happy, for example, yesterday Calvin trained very well and I am sure that sooner or later he will play.”

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