Premier League: Oh Keylor! Brentford came from behind Forest by two goals, where could they have done more?

orA direct free kick from Toni and a volley from Da Silva, in the 94th minute, sealed Brentford’s comeback in two shots past the Costa Rican goalkeeper… who could probably have done more in both.

Kellor came off a fine performance last Wednesday in Forest’s win over Brighton that lifted them out of the relegation places, but this Saturday at Geteck Community Stadium he hasn’t been particularly lucky with any of the opposition’s goals.

On Toney’s direct free kick, he reached to deflect the ball, but with such bad luck, after it hit the post, it bounced off Keylor himself only to end up sliding into the goal. In the final goal, it is true that it is slightly covered with a “forest” of the legs, but the ball ends up sneaking through what is supposed to be the “goalkeeper’s stick”.

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