Premier League: Neville muses: ‘Casimiro was not a smart signing’

Casemiro signed for Manchester United Last summer from Real Madrid. His arrival at Old Trafford closed at 70 million euros plus 15 in variants and now, a few months later, the Brazilian celebrates his first trophy with the “Red Devils”: the Carabao Cup. United will end five drought seasons.

Casemiro gives United the Carabao Cup, ending five dry seasons

but, Despite Casemiro’s influence on the teamBecause of its importance in the game and its waste in midfield, some people like it Gary Neville considered that his signing was not a good maneuver From the club He refers, above all, to future investments, to dropping young players.

Casemiro figures in the prime

United contracts

“I feel that Tin Hag will not sign [se refiere a nombres destacados]. If new owners come in, They’ll want to make a statement, they’ll want to open up the transfer market. “I don’t think it suits him,” Neville said in The Overlap, continuing: “I think you’re going to want the hungriest youngsters to keep growing. Casemiro is obviously a little bit over it, but you look at Anthony and Lisandro Martinez…they’re younger and hungrier.”

You look at Anthony and Lisandro Martinez…they’re younger and hungrier


Neville continues his argument: “I think this is the kind of player you would want to add to this team rather than say: “Oh, Kylian Mbappe is available or such and such is available”. But Casemiro, there is no doubt, we all said it, by the way, 60 million pounds? 70 million pounds? And £20m a year for five years is a £170m investment. This is a huge investment. It’s not a clever or crafty signature when you look at it from a general point of view.”finish.

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