Premier League: Modric signing finances Ukraine in war: 25 million Iranians to help soldiers

Modric’s signing for Chelsea is, so far, the big hit in the winter market. English club Pay 100 million euros to Shakhtar Donetsk at the far left. Wealth will be distributed by the Ukrainian team. As confirmed President Rinat Lundovich AkhmetovPart of this amount will be Allocated to help Ukraine in the war against Russia.

Chelsea presents Modric .. in the middle of the match against Palace!

First of all, I want I thank the entire civilized world for helping Ukraine. Thanks to the Ukrainian army, the Ukrainian people and the massive support of the entire civilized world, today we can talk about Ukrainian football. Only together we will defeat the evil that has come to our home.Rinat Lundovich Akhmetov begins in an official statement.

Only together we will defeat the evil that has come to our home.

Rinat Lundovich Akhmetov

“I decided to launch the project” Heart of Azovstal “to Help the defenders of Mariupol and the families of fallen soldiers, which is unparalleled in modern history. Thanks to them, l His sacrifice and courage to contain the enemy In the first months of the war, today we all feel the inevitability of Ukraine’s victory, ”says the leader of Shakhtar Donetsk.

It is to help the defenders of Mariupol and the families of the fallen soldiers, who have no equal in modern history.

Rinat Lundovich Akhmetov

Psychological assistance, prosthetics …

“Today I entrust 1 billion UAH (25 million euros) to help our soldiers and defenders, as well as their families. They will be used for different needs: from Treatment, psychological assistance and prosthetics Until specific requests are made. In order to comply with the principles of transparency, Professional and independent team to interact with the defenders of AzovstalAnd their families, bail services and volunteers, ”explains Rinat Leondovich Agametov and sentences:“ We are forever indebted to our warriors! “.

We are forever indebted to our warriors!

Rinat Lundovich Akhmetov

match against Chelsea

President of Shakhtar Donetsk too Another deal unveiled Which they reached with Chelsea in the transfer of Modric. “In Ukraine, there is a petty and unfair war that Russia is waging against us. But I am convinced we will win. And we will play Friendly match with Chelsea at Donbass Arena in Donetsk, Ukraine”says the manager.

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